Sunday, December 11, 2011

A little Essie Luxeffects...

I was pretty excited when I saw that Essie was releasing a line of special top coats - called Luxeffects (which I stupidly love). Since I am a gold fanatic I was obviously all over the gold - As Gold As It Gets. Here I put it over Power Clutch (sans glitter here), and I quite liked the effect! I think I'd like it even more over a dark purple or blue.

As Gold As It Gets isn't just a gold microglitter - far from it. It actually seems to be tiny flakes of gold suspended in a clear polish - fantastic! In addition, this was just one coat of the topcoat - they didn't skimp on the gold!

And close up...maybe you can see the mini flakes of gold?

I had a down moment recently where I was feeling sorry for myself and I ended up picking up Shine of the Times (flake) and A Cut Above (pink hex glitter) as well...naughty kitty. So you will see those soon as well!

Have you tried any of the Luxeffects?


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Marias Nail Polish Blog said...

It looks great, that and Shine of Times are on their way to me, I look forward to them :)

Rex said...

Hah! I just finished putting both Power Clutch and As Gold As It Gets on literally minutes ago, and here you are with a post on them both! Great minds :)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Oh good grief. Made that post under my boyfriend's account somehow. There's no deleting it now...but I'll have a good time imagining him with this polish on, hahaha

Grace said...

I would never have thought of this combo! So pretty! I love AGaiG over Essie Marshmallow, or SotT over OPI Warm and Fozzie. I'm having fun with these. I'm so glad I picked them up.

Jade (Frescurites Femininas) said...

CAnt wait to go back to walgreens to get mine
That's pretty

Andy said...

Great picture - when expanded you can really see those flakies. I had passed on this one but will reconsider as I love the effect over this dark polish. Slightly surprised you do though k2k ... but I guess you venture towards the dark side more often these days ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just bought Shine of the Times - my local CVS actually got this collection way sooner than I had anticipated! They're usually like a year behind or just have the permanents in stock, sometimes.

I didn't see As Gold As It Gets as particularly special when I tested it, but your swatches are making me reconsider. Shine of the Times is still my fave from this collection.

Lucy said...

This looks so cool. I love adding a top coat of some nice flakies, glitter or something pretty. I'll have to take a good look at these. I just painted my nails with Sinful Colors Snow As You Get. I was going to use China Glaze Nova on the accent nails but forgot. Instead I ended up painting it on all my nails. I'm so nice & sparkly now!

Ashesela said...

This is the one from this collection that I am lemming the most. Absolutely gorgeous, and so many layering possibilities!! :D

Fingers said...

I got all of these except the pink ones!! Fun to play with!

kittytokaren said...

@Maria - Good choices! :)

@Rex/Emily - LOL! Poor Rex is going to be getting polish/makeup ads now since he commented on a polish blog! Also, I love that you did the same combo as me! That is pretty cool :) Truly, great minds

@Grace - I never thought of SotT over Warm & Fozzie...I'm going to have to try that! Thanks friend :)

@Jade - I'm so glad the drugstores are really timely with their release of these. Makes them easy to get!

@Andy - I was trying really hard to get you guys a good picture! I always venture to the dark side in winter...just usually not glitter on top of dark!'s Essie, it's's not could I resist??

@nailspark - My drugstores have been awesome at getting these new Essie collections in! What are you putting Shine of the Times over?

@Lucy - I am blinded by your sparkliness!! :) I'm sure it is fabulous.

@Ashesela - I know! I think it will look nice over a lot of things.

@Fingers - Definitely. I"m looking forward to trying more combos :)


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