Friday, December 9, 2011

OPI A Color to Diner For & I Eat Mainely Lobster (Touring America, Fall 2011)

Two colors that I'm not really fond of wearing but I liked them well enough.

OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster
Bright coral with gold shimmer, with a nice glossy sheen. Three coats... and then there was some strangely unbalanced shrinkage. Chipped in a few days, alas.

 OPI A Color to Diner For
The far shot doesn't show off this slightly jelly cherry polish that has a very noticeable gold and purple shimmer. Two coats, a little dull. More shrinkage. 

Closeup of A Color to Diner For

Speaking of OPI, I heard a sorta cute story earlier in the quarter. After a lab meeting, I asked one of my RAs if her mani was Funky Dunkey (it wasn't but she chose it because it looked like Funky Dunkey). We started talking OPI and limited edition collections when another one of my RAs mentioned that he bought an entire OPI LE collection for his girlfriend a couple of months back. I figured it would be one of the recent collections and I asked which one. Alice in Wonderland! True, it's not super HTF but the AiW glitters are pretty HTF for a recent collex. He said it took him a LONG time to hunt down all the polishes down separately (since he couldn't find it being sold as a set anymore... not for retail anyway). I was impressed. That strikes me as very sweet, to go through that trouble for a gift. He was pretty evasive about where he finally found all of them, so my guess is that he eventually paid through the nose on eBay.

(No, he didn't come up with the idea himself. His girlfriend showed him photos of the polishes. Which makes me suspect that she is one of the people who snaps up all the good stuff at our local Walgreens before I can get there. $10 says she has at least a couple of the WnW Ice Baby glitters.)

It always makes me slightly worried when I post identifying information about myself on the blog. It's pretty incautious, I guess. If the girlfriend of my RA is reading this blog... well, hello! Your boyfriend is a great RA.

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emess said...

Bright coral is something more than amazing love it so much

Ashesela said...

That coral is beautiful!! :O Not usually a colour I would ever even consider wearing (not so good on me) but wow, it is gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Two nice polishes. It's nice to know that there's people on the "outside" that love polish & HTF's. Pretty cool.

flinty said...

emess:Totally agree. :D

Ashesela: I'm with you on this one. I avoid corals but this one is particularly pretty.

Lucy: I love finding those people!

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