Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chanel Graphite & Color Club Clean Break

Chanel Graphite
When did I start buying Chanel polishes, jeez. Expensive habit, that. Should've never started... and I come up against the same question that I have with almost about 80% of the Chanel polishes that I buy: I love the polish itself but do I think it's worth $25? (Especially since Revlon seems to be having some success with their dupes of recent Chanel colors for a fraction of the price.) I have a ton of silver and gunmetal polishes but Graphite is probably better described as pewter because of the gold microglitter that gives it a warmer appearance than most silvers. It applied well in two coats and had pretty good staying power (which I find is true of many Chanel polishes). I think this one (like Particulaire, Jade Rose and Paradoxal before it) may become a "conference" polish. It's not the most understated look but it's still elegant and can pass for professional. 

Color Club Clean Break over Chanel Graphite
A good white crackle is hard to find because most whites need multiple layers to appear anywhere near opaque. This one, which was sent to me for review by Color Club, is one of the better white crackles I've tried because it is a little more pigmented (but still crackles very well).   

Closeup of Clean Break Over Graphite
I still don't know whether I like crackle polishes or not. I think they can look very, very cool. But they can look very messy if not applied well. They also take better to larger nails, I think. It's difficult to apply one uniform layer of crackle on a small nail because usually, the brush isn't big enough to do the nail in a single sweep... and it isn't large enough that two sweeps won't overlap. So crackles are very hit or miss with me. I'm endlessly surprised that crackle caught on as a trend. It's been around for awhile but now, it's everywhere. Is it because it's a way to... double one's manicurial wardrobe at low cost? 

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greeneyespinknails said...

I really like Graphite and was so eager to pick it up when it came out. It is so special and unique (no way do it's dupes come close to it IMO) but obviously the downsides are it's price and the fact that it shrinks like no other with most fast drying topcoats I've tried it with (this might be due to a bad basecoat/topcoat combination though). I've only worn it once so far (shame on me!) but feel like whipping it out of it's hiding place after having seen your swatches.
On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the crackle/shatter anymore; went crazy for them when they came out but I got sick of them...

TA said...

I've been on the hunt for the Revlon dupe but haven't found it yet. :(

Anonymous said...

I love Chanel polishes too and yea it's an expensive habit!
But I think Graphic is a unique polish and I'm glad I bought it :)
I'm not really sure about the crackle, never tried it...


Bubblewrapper said...

I have the Revlon dupe (I actually bought it first) and it doesn't look like Graphite. Not nearly as sparkly and really dull in comparison. Not worth it.

I am not a huge fan of crackles, but I dislike the white variety the most-it looks like dried sour cream on the nails.

beachgal said...

Ouch to the pocket book with your Chanel fetish! But good for us to be able to see them on swatches. I bought some last year including this one...but I have to really think now the price tag is gone up per bottle - thought it was up to $28/bottle now? NO? YES? Not a fan of the white crackle...but then I have not liked the look since it first hit and am one of those looking forward to it fading from favor and the shelves.

Lucy said...

Love Graphite. I do have the Revlon dupe. I agree that the dupe doesn't look enough like the Chanel. I don't care for the crackle top coat.

MissDoll said...

Every time when I see this one I regret not having it and specially when I see it one such a lovely nails

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