Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Color Club Foiled (Fall 2011) swatches

The rest of the Color Club Foiled collection that CC sent me for review. 

 Color Club Lumin-Icecent
OK... that's a pretty bad name for a polish. But sure, why not. Light blue foil with slight greenish tinge. Really nice one. Two coats. 

Color Club Cold Metal
Ordinary but very nice dark blue foil. One coat does the trick. :) Gotta love those. Dried super fast. Best five minute mani ever. 

Color Club Hot Like Lava

Favorite polish from the collection but worst photos ever! I don't understand what went wrong with my ability to use a camera but all of these photos came out blurry and very, very orange. And my skin looks bizarre in the first one. So annoyed. But the polish was great. Another one coat polish, super fast dry time. This was taken on the third day of wear and is a very aptly named for a hot pink foil.

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Amy said...

I really like the Lumin!

Rachael said...

love love LOVE this collection. I want it so badly but can't find it anywhere! Great swatches. :)

Melissa said...

This collection is awesome! The only one I've worn so far is Lumin-Icecent and it's a great icy color. I really want to give Hot Like Lava a try soon.

Ashesela said...

Cold Metal is my favorite out of these swatches. Beautiful!! :D

beachgal said...

I have really liked this collection from CC. Molten is a good shade too. And I love the Hot Lava. Wish I had found the entire set like many did at a Ross or other places you guys get your CC from. I don't happen to live where there is anyone who sells CC - I have to go looking on line and for some reason it seems to be hard for me to find on live but on evilBay where it's always marked up more than I want it to be knowing what it really is per bottle. By the time it reaches most of the 'left over' etailer sellers - the ones I have wanted are gone.

Lucy said...

I bought the whole collection. I love foils!

katie said...

the entire collection was available on nailsupplies.us when I last checked!

Briana C. said...

i think that first one is the perfect light blue foil

Anonymous said...

Such a great collection!

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