Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Color Club Foiled swatches (Fall 2011)

I am super behind on Color Club swatches. :( Between what I've bought and what they've sent (such as this collection), I really could wear nothing but Color Club for over a month. It would be a pretty good month. Anyhow, the Foiled collection brought China Glaze Khrome to mind and I couldn't help comparing the two when I applied and wore the polishes, though the two collections actually feel pretty distinct. (Khrome was more metallic, Foiled is more... foil. Brighter, more sparkly, with more of a textured feel.)

I have a weird relationship with foils: I like them but I don't love them and yet I probably wear them more often than most other finishes. Sunlight does fabulous things to them but they're dull as all heck indoors. So I never plan to wear a foil. I only wear foils when I don't have time to do my nails. Application is very forgiving, quite a few are one coat wonders, most dry very quickly and it looks pristine for the first 24-48 hours. Absolutely perfect in a pinch. 

Almost all of my Foiled photos are actually NOTDs because they arrived during an extremely busy week... So I was a little put out when some of the Color Club Foiled polishes were somewhat thin and didn't dry quickly. But it varied from polish to polish. 

Color Club Antiquated
Silvery champagne. The above shows two coats but I think it could've used three: it was pretty thin. It dried very quickly though. Good staying power. 

Color Club Perfect Molten
Darkened seafoam. Two coats was perfect. Oddly, it dried slower than Antiquated. Still, much faster than many polishes. One of my favorites from this collection. 

Color Club Foil Me Once
Cool pink. This one I cursed. Three coats, took longer to dry than the other two, and then started chipping immediately. I was not a happy camper. 

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Marisa said...

I love Darkened Seafoam and Cool Pink

Lucy said...

I love this collection. I adore foil polishes. I bought this collection last month. Once I wear one I just keep on wearing foils. Love them.

The Lacquered Lady said...

I really want to love these and other metallic polishes, but something about them just feels really dated to me. The funny thing is I love foils if they have a more scattered finish and texture, but anything with a silver undertone just reminds me of 2000. It sucks because I keep getting drawn to them, buy them, and then don't like them on me. I love these on your nails and Color Club formula is fabulous. If only my head and my heart would agree.

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