Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Nude Nail for Red Lips - Essie Sandy Beach

Another classic Essie today - Sandy Beach! I'm in a very nude-nails-and-red-lips kind of mood lately - not sure why! With a little bit of black gel liner it feels very clean and classic with a bit of glam, which is exactly how I want to start off the new year! However, I seem to have just as difficult a time finding a red lipstick as I did my perfect red polish. Reds with more orange look best on me for sure, but I like something with some depth to it that isn't overly light and bright. Sigh. Let the hunt begin! But at least I have the manicure portion nailed! (Har. We are all about dumb puns at PoP lately.)

Sandy Beach is a lovely nude that isn't too pink, but also not too orange or yellow. (For example, Fed Up has more of a yellow tinge.) Please excuse my bedraggled looking nails...they are not very pleased with me at the moment!

Back to red lips - does anyone have a fabulous red lipstick recommendation for me? I'd love to hear your favs and suggestions for me!


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Risu said...

That's a very nice nude on you, it's hard to tell it's polish at all.

I've got a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hot Red that I absolutely swear by. It's an intense red that leans a bit orange, but is still deep. Very easy to apply (I'm terrible with makeup usually!), and lasts quite a long time for me.

Grace said...

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions, but I'm interested to hear what works for you because I think we have similar coloring and I have a terrible time picking lipsticks.

This is a really pretty nude, and one that I don't think I've seen around. I need to dive back into my nudes and edgy neutrals, as I'm teaching this semester :(

Stephanie said...

Maybe try Maybelline Are You Red-dy? Despite the horrible pun in the name I find it to be one of my staples. It leans just slightly warm, so it might work for you. Another one of my favorites is Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Hot. Before I bought it I kept reading that it was a "true" red, but on me it definitely leans quite warm. If I want long-lasting color and I don't want to wear Illamasqua (best) then I swear by CG Hot. It lasts forever and isn't too drying.

I hope that helps! And your nails look lovely, as always. You're so chic :)

Amanda said...

I searched high and low for YEARS to find the perfect red lipstick for my very fair, cool toned skin (with dark hair and eyes). I finally found it in Rimmel Moisture Renew Red Alert. I love, love, love it. I'm happy at how moisturizing it is but wish the staying power was a bit better. If you have similar coloring to me, I'd try this one out. If nothing else, it's fairly cheap!

Honey_lili said...

What about MAC lipstick in Mac Red ?

Honeysuckle said...

the shiseido makeup perfect - red luxe is really nice (i have that on for my post tomorrow if you want to check it out), or you can try sephora rouge cream - in "the red." that one is super pigmented. good luck!

mariko said...

Hi! I think this may be my first comment! A friend of mine just got me the most amazing mini lipstick sampler by Kat Von D:
There are a bunch of reds and red-browns in there. Super pigmented and long lasting, plus they are mini, so you don't have to completely commit.
I also recommend any of the drugstore lip inks. They are easy to wear and don't smear!

Annelie said...

I would recommend looking into MAC 'Lady Bug'. It's what they call "lustre", a bit sheer but definitely buildable. Leans orange, where MAC 'Mac Red' leans a bit more blue. You could also check out Viva Glam I.

Lucy said...

Are you going to have a long search like you did for the red nails? Hope you post all your results. I'd look for a lipstick from The Lipstick Queen, Poppy King. She has some beautiful lipsticks. I bought some of mine from QVC.

Kristin said...

I love that polish! How many coats did you need for that opacity?

ilexica said...

From what you said about the polish, you need a brown/yellow undertone, is that right? I have a lot of MAC, so that's my reference point, so here are my recommendations -

Extended play (pro long wear)
Lady danger
Fresh Moroccan
Russian red

Hope that helps :)

Kim said...

My favorite is Revlon ColorBurst in Crimson. It's being discontinued (nooooo!) so you can find it supercheap now.

greeneyespinknails said...

Hi! My fav red lipstick is Dior's #999 Ara red. It's stunning and I love the smell

Sia Bevis said...

LOVEEEE - Sia Bevis

Riviera said...

My favorite red is "Target Red" by Loreal. You can only find it at Target.

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