Thursday, January 5, 2012

Butter London Dosh

Learn something new every day... "dosh" apparently is slang for "money". (Maybe everyone else knew that, but I didn't.) 

Butter London Dosh

Slightly swampy green shot through with a lot of gold shimmer. It's a bit on the thin side (this is three coats and you can see just a little bit of VNL at certain angles) but it applied very well and had really great staying power. This was taken on the first day of wear (you can tell because there are a couple lingering pieces of glitter clinging to my nails from a previous mani) but I wore it happily for four days without chippage or shrinkage.

Closeup of Dosh

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Anonymous said...

I like it, looks like a unique green.

rock-or-not said...

I did not know about the slang either ^^'
But a great green!
I love it!

emilydraher said...

Dosh is one of my top 5 favs ever!

Ashesela said...

I didn't know about that term either! This would look magnificent under Lynnderella's She Lived in a Swamp! :D

OPI Addict said...

I didn't know the slang! Not sure if this polish would look good on me, greens are sort of hit or miss for me!

Annie said...

I didn't know 'dosh' meant money! :o New slang, get!

I love the colour! It's very fresh and cute. :)

aimeeus said...

Dosh is a very cockney term for money :) I like this! It looks a lot like Misa Mega Margarita.

Lucy said...

I knew about Dosh! I grew up loving the Beatles & everything British. I do have this beauty. Greens are my favorites.

Fashion is a party said...

really unique shade indeed, love it!

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