Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fed. Up.

This is exactly how I feel about science.

Essie Fed Up:

A sheer nude. Perfect for when you've just had it.


P.S. Good lord I'm pale right now. Damn.

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Penny said...

That's really pretty. I think I need it. >.>

milan and vanaily said...

That's how I feel about all finals and term projects. Sigh. So tired. :'(

Bunny Masseuse said...

Man, looks a HECK of a lot better on you than it did on me... I had to pass mine on to a better home.

Sandi said...

It happens this time of year. Those of us stuck with an unfair share of Northern European genes go all pasty and snow faced. On the bright side, it makes those jewel tones I love look even richer.

Grace said...

Sounds about right... my dissertation paper goes out to hiring universities TODAY for a job for next year. Fed up is the perfect description. Maybe I'll pick this one up on the way home as a little prize :)

Alison said...

Thats really lovely on you, I have a really old bottle of this somewhere but I haven't seen it in a while!
I hate that fed up feeling too!
I am permanently pale, I don't tan at all ever! But I'm also way too lazy to fake it!

kittytokaren said...

@Penny - It's a good neutral staple to have, IMHO!

@milan & vanaily - Yes. Let's all just have nap-time. Why did that ever stop?

@Bunny Masseuse - Aww what did it look like on you??

@Sandi - Ahh yes I have more than a healthy dose of those genes. My mother even saw me and commented on how deathly I look. Sweet.

@Grace - Wow that is so exciting though!! You shouldn't be fed up, you should be psyched! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

@Alison - LOL I look *ridiculous* with fake tan. Like an overzealous oompa-loompa. So not cute.


naomuack said...

whats a lovely color . sexy nude color !


Zara said...

That is a wonderful nude! And don't worry...I'm ALWAYS that pale. :)

Frankenstyna said...

I'm just as pale! It is December, dont worry about it! Haha
I love Fed up!! Might be one of my favorite Essie nudes.

Lucy said...

That is a pale one. I think it would make me look sickly.

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