Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The last of the fall manis... (China Glaze Naughty and Nice)

Naughty and Nice is, rather appropriately, a featured polish in China Glaze's "new" holiday 2010 collection. It's been talked about everywhere on a number of blogs so I need not belabour its application or wearability but I will mention a few small things. In my limited polish experience it's a lovely dark creme that requires three coats to bring it to opacity. Lazily, I applied only two (thick, to avoid streaking) which gave this polish a glassy, jelly-like quality. In the right light, this polish is a deep (very deep) wine colour. In dim light, it appears almost black, but I think this is a sophisticated, albeit standard, look for fall. They didn't reinvent the wheel with this one but a rich, wine creme suits me just fine come October/November. Not sure it'll stick around in time for Christmas, though. I'm sure by then I'll want something sparkly!

For today's Konadicure I've paired it with a mix of China Glaze's Passion (Romantique) and Peace on Earth (Holiday 2010). Both show up remarkably well but the complexity of Peace on Earth doesn't really come through here. It looks almost as gold as Passion. Alternatively, Naughty and Nice would pair really well with China Glaze's Poetic (Romantique) which runs slightly more pink.

Hope you guys enjoy!

This is Classy Bear. I've had my Christmas decorations up since the beginning of November and somewhere along the way Classy Bear was given a bow tie, a scarf and a new top hat. (He was also given a name.) :P Classy Bear was kind enough to be the background for these photos and tips his (at the moment, invisible) hat to you!

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Anonymous said...

That's really beautiful!!!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. simply beautiful

ChaosButterfly said...

Wow, that's really beautiful. (see how original that was? LOL.)
But legit, it's gorgeous...the color combnation, pattern and placement are all perfect.

And I want to squeeze Classy Bear. LMAO at his name!!

Freshie said...

It's so shiny! I haven't tried mine yet ~

Sandi said...

That design actually makes me want to Konad...a first! Stunning.

Enamel Girl said...

omg i am soooooo loving this mani!!!

mKat said...

Thanks guys :)

haha classy bear now has a top hat... maybe I should post that?

happy decemberween everyone!

CleverRabbit said...

Oh wow, that bear is so cute! Where did you get him? Where could I get one?


Lucy said...

Beautiful manicure and bear!

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