Thursday, December 2, 2010

China Glaze Encouragement and Endurance (BCA 2010)

I'm BAAAAAACK! It's been a very stressful few weeks -- and guess what, cough still here... yes, I've gone to the doctor... twice, in fact -- but it's good to come home to Polish or Perish. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving?

Both of these were NOTDs for awhile.

China Glaze Encouragement

Such a pretty pale pink with glass fleck! Sure, it took me four coats to get (mostly) opaque but completely worth it. I'm not a big pink person but this one just enchanted me. This mani lasted about three days; it was in great condition when I removed it.

China Glaze Endurance

Jelly magenta with glass fleck. Again, not a pink person but I wore this for about six days without a single chip. A tiny bit of tipwear but it looked pretty good. I'll post a photo of the mani I did with Barry M's Nail Effects (the crackle one) with this as the base. All in all, this color stayed on my nails -- either alone or under the Barry M -- for ten days. Really great longevity (with Diamont and Gelous).

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Piff said...


StellieStellina said...

Endurance looks a little bit like their Strawberry Fields, no? Nice colours. Hope you're well.x

Grace said...

Yay! Nubbins! These are some of the prettiest and most unique BCA polishes I've seen. Most brands just put out a generic pale pink, like the shade of the ribbon. These are lovely!

loodie loodie loodie said...

Encouragement, now that's my kind of color. I'll take it in all it's sheeriness (prob not a word) glory.

Lucy said...

Hooray, your back! Hope your feeling much better. I'm just getting over bronchitis and a second knee injury. I'm behind on all the blogs I read. I'm just trying to catch up. I love all shades of polish. I love vamps and greens are my love. A good pink is awfully pretty.

flinty said...

@piff: nope. Just cough that won't go away. Although now I'm in full-blown cold mode, thanks partially to a sick significant other. Fever, headache, stuffy nose... I'm having a great time.

@stellie: Strawberry Fields, if I'm not mistaken, is more of a shimmery pink (I think it's slightly lighter creamy magenta with gold shimmer) than the glass-fleck pink of Endurance.

@Grace: I don't usually buy BCA stuff because it usually is so generic but these were wonderful.

@loodie: I don't generally like sheers but I really liked that one! :)

@lucy: I'm sorry to hear that you've been unwell! I hope you get better soon.

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