Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I stopped using Diamont: Chanel Coco Blue and China Glaze Papaya Punch

I loved Diamont but the quick drying time and its longevity finally could not hold up to the sheer number of bubbles it causes in most of my nail polishes. After taking these photos back in the early fall, I started using Poshe as a topcoat for cremes and subtle shimmers (on my fingernails) but everything else still gets Diamont.

China Glaze Papaya Punch
Sent to me from China Glaze, from their Island Escape (Summer 2011) collection. Bright papaya orange creme. Kind of hell to apply (four coats to even out), took a quite a bit of time to dry. I loved it... except for the Diamont bubbles. 

Chanel Coco Blue
From Chanel's Jeans collection. A light blue creme with very fine white shimmer. Three coats, kind of middle-of-the-line Chanel quality. I've had better, I've had worse. Not worth $29 but I like it enough to keep. (Also, I give "keep" preference to short square bottles. So much easier to organize into compact spaces.) 

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Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

That's exactly why I stopped using my old Borghese Brilliante - too many bubbles. Plus, Poshe dries super fast. :)

Glitterie Lacquer Dollies said...

Since i'v banishes Sech i always wanted to try Poshe WIll definatly due :) But is it as shiny as SV??

Ashesela said...

I freakin' HATE bubbles in polish! I always have to pop them! >:(

beachgal said...

Hearing great things about Diamont, I go 2 bottles of it when I put in a large order of polishes. At the time unknown to me, there were some less than stellar batches made. I got 2 of those sadly on my trial of Diamont. It was thin, did not hold the shine and I needed to re-do my top coat EVERY day until it was time to change color. I gave it a try and won't use it again. I have tried Gellous since then and a couple others. Still SV is my all time fav & I think my experiment days with toppers is done for awhile. I have always had really good luck with SV.

Lucy said...

I'm still using Diamont. I get bubbles once in awhile. Not enough to make me crazy. I still get shrinkage. It's fine after I use the top coat. When I wake up there's the shrinkage. I don't know why since I use the top coat while my polish is wet. Drives me crazy. My nails do stay shiny. I used to use SV but was annoyed at how thick it got halfway through the bottle. I had to buy SV polish thinner. For some reason another thinner just wouldn't work with it. Also used Poshe & it worked much better. I'm going to have to get the Nubar set that looks like Chanel. Love those shades.

SolitaryFlower said...

Who is Piff?

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