Friday, February 10, 2012

Catrice New York, H&M Hunt Me Down

A couple dusty colors from the lovely IceRozie

(2 coats)

Lovely formula.

(2 coats)

Not so lovely formula. Slightly lighter version of Sew Psyched without the shimmer.

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Nicole said...

Ahhh!!! I am dying to try Catrice Nail Polish, especially in that color!! Where can I find them????

Lucy said...

I like that Catrice polish. Pretty shade.

ilexica said...

Love the top one on you. LOVE.

Princess Pinkie said...

That blue is soooo pretty!

MissDoll said...

I love the blue one and so sad that I missed it :(

Piff said...

Nicole - Sadly I have no idea where to get catrices from. I have an awesome friend that occasionally gifts me with them. Lucky me!

Lucy - Isn't it?

ilexica, Princess, MissDoll - Surprising winner! Must keep.

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