Friday, February 17, 2012

GOSH Groovy Grey and some stash pictures

A lovely warm mushroomy grey. This is very opaque and totally good in two coats - it would probably be OK in one, but it has that annoying thick but runny formula that makes it really hard to control. I think this is probably pretty close to Lippmann's waking up in vegas, but not owning it (her polishes are a bit beyond my means sadly) I can't really say. I'm such a sucker for this kind of colour - they work really well on my skintone (except when it's -3 out and I look like a chapped lobster...I think my swatches are going to look like this for a while).

I wore this to one of the interviews I went with last month. I made reserve for the fellowship, which is pretty cool given there were almost 250 applicants. I've spent the last couple of days filling in the application for the University itself, which was 15 pages of probably unnecessary hell, but at least it's done now. Something for the CV!

That aside, I got asked on a message board recently what my stash looked like. So I thought I'd take some pics. To spare you the huge post, though, they're under the jump. I like to think it's a very moderate amount, but my mother would probably disagree.

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Belle du Brighton said...

It is larger than my stash, and rather more organised. Mine are flung into a big drawer thing, which is bowing under the weight... and I just added a load more that I bought in germany... (shameless plug but I just blogged about them here!)

I like this, but gosh polishes get gunky almost as quickly as barry M I find.... :/

Sofia Sharp said...

Oh my dear lord, your stash is amazing! All those Illamasqua's... I'm hyperventilating!

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Pretty manicure (love the taupey-gray colours), and awesome stash pics. I love seeing lacquers all lined up like that, in neat rows. Lol. And do you have a cat? I couldn't make up my mind whether that looked like animal fur behind some of your stash pictures. :P

Lucy said...

Some nice Illamasqua collection. Lots of pretties! Love that manicure.

Elaine said...

LOVE the Illamasqua! {drool}
If you give me your address, I will send you "Waking Up In Vegas".
It looks like clay on me..

Katie said...

OMG, I'd kill to have your Illamasqua stash. Mine's still at 3 (I STILL haven't bought Rampage again. *sigh* Must stop buying all the butter LONDON polishes...)

At last count, I had 87 polishes, four being minis. XD They're held in these little organizers and my second one is nearly full. I see a bigger organizer in my future. Just don't tell my dad.

Lyciènne said...

You have such a nice collection!


ilexica said...

bdb - you should get some trays! it's nice to be organised. It makes me feel like I have control over my life...ha. I've not had any of the gosh ones longer than a year, so I don't think I can really judge them yet,

Sofia - ha, thanks! Accumulated over several years - and I don't think I've paid full price for any of them...

Lacquer tracker - I do too! I love rainbowing things. It's a bit of a de-stressing exercise for me.

Elaine - that is very, very kind. I'll send you an email. I hope I can find something you'd like in return.

Katie - you NEED rampage. Need!! And I promise I won't tell your family if you won't tell mine. ;)

Lycienne - thank you, and may I say you have a beautiful name.

ilexica said...

Oh, I forgot to say - yes, that is a cat! it's the same grumpy monkey who can be seen trying to chew the cap of OPI hot and spicy in this picture:

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Haha- what a cutie! He does look a little grumpy in that picture, though. :P

Katie said...

I know! Rampage has been on my "You WILL Refill Me Before the New Year" and the New Year came and I spent all my money on new butter LONDONs, OPIs and Essies (well, and miscellaneous makeup brands like Benefit, Urban Decay, and Dermalogica which left me generally penniless. Really, I need priorities.) *hits head on desk* I literally scraped every last bit of that color out. Aye.

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