Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The reason I have so much polish: LA Girl Glitter Addict Explosion and OPI Crown Me Already comparison

I wonder sometimes why I have so much nail polish. And when I go to de-dupe my collection, it is very obvious to me why I do. 

LA Girl Glitter Addict Explosion & OPI Crown Me Already
Looks pretty similar, right? Silver hex glitter and silver glitter suspended in clear polish. I figured I could get rid of one of them (if not both). 

LA Girl Glitter Addict Explosion (index/ring) & OPI Crown Me Already (middle/pinky)
over Orly Rock Solid

When I applied them side by side... sigh. I see them as very different creatures. Not only do they contain different sizes of small glitter and hex glitter (Explosion has bigger glitter than Crown Me Already), they apply very different as well.

Closeup of Explosion
Explosion is pretty clumsy and clumpy. It doesn't go on that smoothly (because it has bigger glitter) and it takes a bit of finagling to get even vaguely consistent coverage. The above shows three coats. If I wanted it to be opaque, I could've added one more coat... and spent an extra ten minutes finagling.

Closeup of Crown Me Already
In comparison, Crown Me Already goes on very smoothly (due to the smaller, more easily manipulated glitter) but is much more suited to being a layering polish. The above shows four coats. If I wanted it to be totally opaque, six coats would probably do it.

Another really striking difference is that when I went to remove the polish shortly after taking these photos, Explosion was still entirely wet and came off easily. Crown Me Already actually needed a little muscle to be removed.

My final verdict? They are different. I like them both. Therefore, I need both. ...and this is how one accumulates too much nail polish. 

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I Drink Nail Polish said...

I do the same exact thing. *gazes into the lavender abyss* XD I started calling my dupes "backups". Like, China Glaze Light As Air is my backup of Essie St. Lucia Lilac. It is not a healthy idea, lol.

Jennifer said...

When I applied Crown Me Already, 2 coats was enough to achieve opacity.

Unknown said...

You are a woman after my own heart.
Be proud that you need them both and know that you are not alone.


beachgal said...

Dupes is why my stash has years that I just gave up on it and ONLY bought a few polishes that I really HAD to have. That lasts for a few years. Then I find I have missed some wonderful collections. Now that we have nail blogs, I am not as apt to let that happen and have a really must have (if I can get it that is) go by me. I vote for keeping Crown Me over Explosion. It looks like a better polish over all

I think one of us needs to get rich on coming up with a good way to remove these deep glitter polishes but still have fingers and toes left afterwards!

Lucy said...

These do look very similar. I hate that I have many polishes that look alike. They may not be exact dupes but they're very close. Wish I could get rid of many of them. I do love polish. I hate that I can't resist them.

Sandi said...

Now this is why a red jelly, red cream, red shimmer and red glass fleck that are all the same shade of red are NOT the same 'color'. If only I could get my polish challenged sister to get that. Comparing them to the 13 pairs of sandals she bought, identical except for color, didn't do the trick.

Karen said...

Hahaha I love this post! you are definatly not alone. Everytime i purge i end up regreting something. Now i am afraid to de-dupe :)

The bad thing is, is that i got the GOSH dupe for Paradoxial, then i went out and got the chanel, and then the revlon version *just to see* if they really were dupes...(they are). And theres no way i'm purging!

PS I love your blog :)

yummy411 said...

HAHAHA! i love it! i love the opi more. it made an awesome pedi!

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