Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cute name, same colour - OPI Matched Luggage

This is one of the older OPI's I've always kind of wanted. It's been in the back of my mind for a few years now. Sadly, the only reason I ever wanted it was because I loved the name! And equally sadly, that's probably the only reason to keep it!

OPI Matched Luggage...

Not a bad polish at all - I just have so many like it already, with a better formula/brush for my personal tastes (see Essie It's in the Bag - they are almost identical).

I probably won't keep it, but I will recommend it. It's very pretty if a nice pale clean sheer is what you're after!


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Grace said...

Too bad it's a dupe. It's very pretty. I love the name, though - I'm such a luggage junkie. I'd have about a dozen sets of luggage if had anywhere to store them.

annie said...

Adorable! Do you know how many coats that is? Because I love that type of color but hate putting on 4 coats!

sandipalien said...

It looks really similar to OPI Bubble Bath! Is it?

Piff said...

I really love this! love love love. how many coats is it?

kittytokaren said...

@Grace - Gah me toooooooo!!

@Annie - It is 3 coats.

@sandipalien - This is cooler and has more white in the base than the version of Bubble Bath that I own.

@Piff - Really??? I am surprised! It's 3 coats. :)


beachgal said...

Agree - it certainly is not anything unique. But if you love looking down and thinking of the name - that's good enough to keep it in your stash I think. I don't even recall when this shade was out or what collection it came out of!

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