Thursday, March 29, 2012

Illamasqua Lament

I wore this last summer (and took a crappy iNOTD picture of it) but I have completely changed my mind after my initial, not-so-positive reaction. Initially I was a bit taken aback by the fact that it's more pink than coral. However, I popped it on my toes and ended up loving it so much that I left it on for six weeks before finally acknowledging that its time had come. It really is the perfect pedicure colour.

Anyway, I think my initial reactions were off in another respect. I described this as 'watermelon'. I have since decided that the exact pantone is in fact 'Dr Zoidberg'. It has that kind of creamy, lobster-y undertone but it's quite neon for an almost-pastel. I'm not very good at describing colours.

Coming up tomorrow is some more Illamasqua, including a rather exciting trip to the flagship store!

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The Lacquer Tracker said...

Gorgeous! Lol, it is indeed very "Dr. Zoidberg"! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to the Illamasaqua flagship store. That's the one on/near Carnaby street, right? I went there when I was in last in London, and had a blast. Really nice people working there.

Elaine said...

OMG! I just love Lament! It IS kinda hard to describe, but I think it is a great color for spring..bright & happy!
I am so jealous that you went to Illamasqua. :-)

ilexica said...

The store was amazing - mostly the staff who were brilliant. Post coming up today! :D

Niki said...

love this color!! just ordered it thanks to you!!! gorgeous!

have a wonderful weekend!

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