Sunday, April 1, 2012

Essie Wedding 2012 Skittles!

I rarely show you guys skittles but I've been super super busy. Plus this collection worked out great for four-finger skittles! Essie Wedding collections often contain a little surprise or two in there for me. (Like my perfect red - First Dance - in last year's collection.) This year, I kind of love ALL of them!

Top to bottom: Instant Hot, Like to Be Bad, Who Is the Boss, Love & Acceptance

Instant Hot is a gorgeous rose-tinged white. It has substantial shimmer in it that you can see as you paint it, but it seems to sink on the nail and it looks like a cream once dried. Odd, but it's beautiful.

Like to Be Bad is a colour I've been searching for for a LONG time. Let me tell you. Whew. This my friends, is my perfect pink. Most pinks are too cool for me, but this one is delightfully warm, while still being pink and not peach. I can't wait to wear this with gold or nude polka dots! This contains some microshimmer that you can see in the bottle, but like Instant Hot, it's invisible on the nail.

Who Is the Boss is probably the gem of this collection. Again, this is a colour I've been looking for for a while. A milky opaque polish the colour of blasted seaglass. Just perfection.

Love & Acceptance is a lovely dusty lavender which seems like the purple version of Who Is the Boss. Again, lovely formula. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing purples on my nails for some reason, but this is muted enough that I will totally feel comfortable with this as a mani.

I love this collection. Is there something in here for you?


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Jenna said...

These colors are gorgeous! I am definitely going to need to have these in my collection. Do you know when they will be hitting the stores?

jaljen said...

Think I'm going to recreate this with my own polishes. Lovely!

Not Essies.

Sonidlo Nail Polish said...

I like Who Is the Boss the most. And I don´t mind these skittles photos, I like them a lot, especially when there are shades from the same collection :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! The colors are definitely complimentary.

Grace said...

I'll have to see if I can pick up the mini set. They all look great. I could probably just only buy minis of all my polishes, but the full size bottles are nicer. When it's a 4 polish collection, though, and the set will have all of them, it's too good a deal to pass up.

ahhhdri said...

They're all really pretty but my fave is Who Is the Boss, hands down.

kittytokaren said...

@Jenna - They should be hitting stores pretty soon! I think May 1 is the official day, but the drugstores have been getting them early.

@jaljen - LOL. not an Essie girl?

@Sonidlo - I loveeee Who is the Boss! I'm glad you don't mind my skittles - I just really wanted to show you the collection quickly and didnt have much time!

@Violet - I think it's a lovely colour story. But I wouldn't wear a mani like this though! It was just to swatch/share.

@Grace - Essie minis aren't half bad IMHO because the brush is still normal, just shorter. The mini set would def be a good deal :)

@ahhhdri - Lil secret, but I'm actually wearing Who is the Boss as a full mani right now. It's just stunning! Finally a minty blue/green polish that flatters my pale hands!


beachgal said...

These look amazing as a skittle mani. I read the names and thought 'oh no' they are all old and I won't track them down. I am thrilled to find you are showing us a new soon to come Essie collection. I will be getting them all! I want to do a skittle that is soft like this. I never seem to pull the right shades from my stash to make a good soft skittle. I sooooo excited for this collection and usually I don't get a full collection of all the shades in Essie. I pick 1 or 2 or non...only because I have had to stop buying so many with no where to put them. I need to have a blog and followers just to host blog sales! I don't want to trade, I need to get space. Donation is great - but I have sooooo many that are worth & collectors want. But I will break all my self imposed rules soon as this collection comes out!

Niki said...

i really like "like to be bad" pretty colors!

Amy said...

Do you know how "Love & Acceptance" compares to "Bangle Jangle" from the winter collection?

The Glitterati said...

Oh man, first the NYC Ballet collection and now this ... You're killing me here! (Or at least my bank account!)

Is Instant Hot close enough to It's In The Bag or Secret Affair that I don't need it? (Though I'm such a soft-neutral freak these days that I can't ever seem to get enough ... )

kittytokaren said...

@beachgal - Yup, it's new! I think they are all fabulous! You could do a sale without having a blog. MUA girls have one at - you could contact someone there! (Not that I object to the idea of you having a blog!! I'd love a peek into your collection!)

@Niki - I'm glad you like!

@Amy - Bangle Jangle is darker and deeper, but similar tone wise

@Glitterati - Instant Hot is more opaque than either of those - and a very unique finish/formula.


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