Friday, April 13, 2012

First taste of summer - Chanel June

I thought and thought and thought about this polish since I first saw the promo pics. I finally decided not to give in and to leave it be. But Chanel regret is a special kind of regret, and I felt it creeping up on me. I got a gift card to Nordstrom's and decided to happily pull the trigger.

Chanel June

I love this beautiful orange sherbet colour! It makes me feel like summer is around the corner. Bold enough to offer a bright flash of colour on the nails, but pastel enough to fit into a springtime vibe. I don't have much like this in my collection - everything else is much pinker. It is truly a pale, but bright orange. Very special.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their spring/summer season! What polish is on the top of your "to wear" list right now?


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Nina said...

Beautiful color!

jenny future said...

"Chanel regret is a special kind of regret"

oh gosh, it's so true!

All I want to wear lately are OPI "Strawberry Margarita" and China Glaze "Make Some Noise". I feel like I'm jumping the gun a little bit with the summer polish colors since it's still pretty cold here, but oh well :)

keijtieloves said...

wooow, looks great :)

Niki said...

what a lovely shade :)

Blog Rince said...

Wow! This is so pretty! When I saw promo pictures of it before, I wasn't very interested, but now it looks like I have to add another color to my wishlist... :)

Grace said...

I have three bright oranges that I can't wait to wear, but I'm holding off a bit until it's really summer. That is a really pretty and wearable color, though. Looks different on the nail than I thought it would from the promo pics.

Criminal Nails said...

I really think you did thge right thing :D Not too much outside your comfort zone, summery and chic.

Indoor Kitty said...

Looks lovely on you! It reminds me of SpaRitual's Face of Destiny, which I adore, but I didn't want to tempt the dupe gods.

My next notd, I keep trying to get No More Film on but scheduling has not been on my side lately. I've been choosing sleep over polish lately. So lame, I know.

Alison said...

This looks so good on you! I got this one too and to my surprise it's even nice with my super pale colouring! Plus it applies beautifully doesn't it?

beachgal said...

Really pretty. Is it sheer so that it takes a lot of coats. I have Peachy Keen from China Glaze and it's way sheer which surprised me when I got it finally.

kittytokaren said...

@Nina - Thank you!

@jenny future - Ugh yeah Chanel regret is the worst!! And I don't begrudge your early summer - it is probably a nice pick-me-up! Sometimes you need brights...

@keijtieloves - Thanks!

@Niki - Thanks I'm quite fond of it :)

@Blog Rince - I think it's more unique than the promo pictures would have you believe!

@Grace - Yes this is much softer than summer bright oranges (which are lovely in their own right). I'm with you - this is much more orange and sherbet-y than I would have thought from the promo pics.

@Criminal Nails - Thank you! That makes me feel better!

@Indoor Kitty - LOL @ "tempt the dupe gods". And hey, sleep over polish is a very very valid choice!

@beachgal - It really wasn't that sheer. I think this was 2 coats with a couple nails needing three for bald patches?


Sandi said...

Bright jellies, Zoya sparklies and glass flecks, anything that catches the sun. I'm not really a pastel girl, too pale.

Sweet Surcee said...

This is beautiful! I can't get enough coraly-pinks right now!

tasha~ said...

I felt the same way as you about this polish ! I am glad to have picked it up, it's really pretty & unique. I recently reviewed it as well :)

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