Friday, April 20, 2012

Nfu-Oh 51: Purpley flakie rainbow goodness

Back when I first started getting into nail polish, I remember reading this nail blog post by Scrangie about Nfu-Oh flakies. I felt this intense yearning -- back then, Nfu-Ohs were not readily accessible. When Scrangie had gotten them, she ordered them from New Zealand!

And then Fabulous Street came about. I <3 Fabulous Street. Decently priced, fast shipping... I remember she had a sale and I snatched up as many Nfu-Ohs I could get. They were all so beautiful...

The one that had the most hype was Nfu-Oh 51 because it had the same sort of magic effect as the even more rare Clarins 230. Purple base and a rainbow color shift.

Fast forward to now... lots of 230s on Ebay, Fabulous Street having steady stock of Nfu-Ohs... nail polish world is a lot more accessible now and it's awesome!

This is the lovely and wonderful Nfu-Oh 51 on its own, 4 coats. Delicious. It may have the same sort of rainbow as Clarins 230 but it's definitely not the same.

Nfu-Oh polishes are available at Fabulous Street for $12.50, free shipping over $25.

What was your first yearning for a polish that was hard to get, because of lack of distribution *looks at Wet 'n Wild*, it being an international polish or just HTF?

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Criminal Nails said...

Ohh yes I know that feeling, and actually I have it quite often. I still find it hard to get some brands, like drugstore brands from the USA. Spain seems to be farther than it really is :p

LabMuffin said...

Omg sexxxxxy. Nfu-Ohs are always on my want list, the worst bit is seeing those little corset bottles in the pharmacy then finding out that they're actually Scandals.

Emm said...

I have a realllllllllly long list of polishes I would like to have but they are not sold in my country:(

Bethany Taylor said...


minnie said...

@Criminal -- I know the pain! So many international pretties...

@Lab -- I love Nfu-Oh! Lucky enough that last year, while in Korea, I got to haul then for a fraction of the price ^_^

@Emm -- try maybe finding people to swap with! That's how I've gotten most of mine :)

@Bethany -- thank you!!

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