Saturday, May 19, 2012

THEME WEEK - My favorite nude!

Misa Whimsical Wish
I'm not one for nudes (kind of like how I'm not one for reds), but I really loved this one. Light, fairly neutral but with some beautiful shimmer. Go figure that my idea of a neutral nude includes shimmer. I have one of the RGB HIPP polishes but haven't found the opportunity to wear that one yet: I'm holding out hopes that it's the MNBB that I've always dreamed of (except not really, because I don't really wear nudes). But I loved this one.

Just moved earlier this week. Moving = urgh. Nails look like crap. :(

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keijtieloves said...

Nice :)

Susy said...

This is so pretty and delicate! It looks really good on you! :)

Sonidlo Nail Polish said...

This is a wonderful shade!

Bethany Taylor said...

I love the shimmer in this! So delicate and lovely! Just to let you know (in case you didn't already) I have to fill out a word verification every time I want to post a comment on your blog. All google blogs do this unless you turn it off. It would make it easier to comment if you turned it off :)

Crystal said...

I love nudes, I usually wear them after wearing a lot of colour. This is a nice twist to a nude shade, let me check if I already have it or not :)

TikiBarbie said...


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