Monday, May 7, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favourite Glitter!

We are currently in the midst of THEME WEEKS here at Polish or Perish! Last week was Favourite Red Week and each day you got to see a post from a PoP blogger revealing their fav red polish. Today we're kicking off...


Now, admittedly, I'm not the biggest glitter fan. I'm a little...scared...of glitter. I LOVE it on my toes in winter, like my dirty little gleaming secret. But I'm a bit timid when it comes to sporting the sparkles on my tips. OPI Spark de Triomphe is one of the few mega glitters that makes me feel glam and not self-conscious!

The colour of this is just awesome - a mix of gold and silver glitter of varying sizes. Really the only words that aptly describe this are "jewel-encrusted". When the light hits's bananas, y'all. Even though it is so blingy, I feel like the metallic colour makes it pretty wearable - especially for a special night out with an LBD. I wouldn't want to be without this in my collection!

What do you think of my pick? What's your fav glitter?


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keijtieloves said...

i love this color :)

FedoraHarp said...

This is fascinating- it looks very subtle at first glance, and then you look closer and it totally blows you away. I love when polishes do that!

Criminal Nails said...

Jewel-encrusted is truly the perfect description for this beauty! :D

Gosia said...

I don't have this one but it looks fabulous!!! and my fav glitter is one and only - Absolutely Alice =)

Jessica said...

Oh my god this is gorgeous! :D

Frosso said...

I love glitters and this is super pretty. Don't be scared of glitters! Glitters are your friend...until removal, then they become too clingy. But everything else is great! :P

LabMuffin said...

I totally agree with the self-consciousness... even foils make me feel that wau :\

ilexica said...

Damn. You are making me want to buy this!

beachgal said...

This one 'got my heart' right off when I saw it - it was that dash of pepper with the dark specks in it that was new/fresh. Also, I like the really fine grind of glitter in this one. I bought a back up bottle on this one ASAP when it came out.

Bethany Taylor said...

Wow I love this glitter! I want it!!

Chelsey said...

That is a really amazing glitter! Glitters aren't my favorite either, but that is lovely :)

kittytokaren said...

@keijtieloves - I'm so glad!

@FedoraHarp - Exactly! I think the colour makes it subtle, but the complexity comes from the different sizes of glitter/variation in colour, etc

@Criminal Nails - Aww yay I love when I get word choice right!

@Gosia - Im sure you're not alone in your love for AA!

@Jessica - So glad you like it!

@Frosso - Funnily, I don't mind glitter removal that much!

@LabMuffin - Yes, me too. I feel unprofessional even though I work in a super casual environment!

@ilexica - You totally should!!

@beachgal - Ooo you have a backup?? Probably a good idea since this seems to get used up quickly.

@Bethany - Yay! Go get it!

@Chelsey - I'm so glad another non-glitter fan likes this!


AgneseFF said...

Love this color!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

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