Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favourite Neon

This is one you've seen before - Nfu.Oh 497. And, as before, I have failed utterly at getting a colour-accurate picture. This is such a great neon. It's bright but deep, a proper primary blue Crayola colour with a hint of green. It's awesome.

But Jesus Christ on a bike, is photographing it ever a pain in the arse. I think Nfu.Oh must put some weird plasticisers in their polish that deflect light (it applies a lot like seche vite, it feels more like molten plastic than polish and has a super shiny opaque jelly type finish) because they all go through some kind of insane hall of mirrors transformation in front of a camera. Through my viewfinder, it looks like this amazing bright teal blue. On my focussing screen, it looks like either light azure or royal blue. So I wrestle with the settings, try again...still whacked. Swear a bit, fiddle some more, all to no avail. So, um, try and imagine it like this, but with more of a cyan undertone, brighter, and about thirty times better.

Last time I photoshopped the frack out of it to get it even half way close to the real colour. This time I gave up and tried to trick my camera with my car's paintwork. I mentioned previously that it's very close to my car's colour. While it turns out that my camera also hates my paintwork, it hates it a bit less, so I thought that might be a useful comparison swatch. You can see the green undertone better in my car! So, erm, try to imagine that in the polish. Yes.

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keijtieloves said...

great color :)

greeneyespinknails said...

Lovely color. It really suits your skintone. I understand what you mean, it also drives me nuts when certain polishes don't show up true to color on camera.

beachgal said...

I am glad you mentioned this has that touch of green in the crayon blue. It's a great neon. Keep up the good work - know how difficult it is to photo the neons. I am surprised that this really is a neon being as it's blue. I find the red and blue neons are really usually not true neons in polish land.

Anonymous said...

find a true royal blue bg - cloth, paper, etc and photograph w/ hand in front. it should show the difference much better. :o)

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