Friday, June 22, 2012

FoA Party at the Gap and, um, pet glittaaaaahhhhhh

Face of Australia Party at the Gap is a sparkly (tiny glass specks maybe?) grey polish. I picked it up at a crazy Big W sale where it was reduced to about $1.50 - bargain! It's part of the Barbados collection, which was developed with the help of some Melbourne beauty bloggers.

The glass fleck-like chunky shimmer sets it apart from other greys, but it makes it look kind of cheap - it reminds me of the silvery plastic on my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I can't not love it though, grey is my kryptonite, and it flows on like butter. Buttaaahhhhh.

I scored Color Paws Starry Night in Kaz's blog sale. It's apparently a line for painting your pet's tootsies, though given the relatively slow drying time, I'm not sure how you'd get your dog to sit still long enough. Maybe you could paint them while it's sleeping, penis-on-forehead-of-passed-out-guy style?

Anyway, I have no idea why pet claws need a different kind of polish, and I doubt a dog or cat would properly appreciate the awesome glitters in Starry Night. It's so pretty! Big blue and silver hex glitters,with little silver and darker blue square glitter. It's lovely as a topcoat.

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keijtieloves said...

love this nailpolish and combination :)

zebra-nails said...

Very nice combo!

ilexica said...

Hold on. That's for dogs??!

LabMuffin said...

@keijtieloves and zebra-nails - thanks! They're both so lovely!

@ilexica - yeah, wtf. I suppose if you want your dog's tiny tiny toenails to match the sequinned leotard you squeezed it into? *judges*

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