Tuesday, June 19, 2012

holla for holo! Layla Flash Black

My post for today will concern the utterly fantabulous Layla holo in Flash Black.

I don't know... if anything else needs to be said. 2-3 coats.

I used the special Layla file recommended for use with these polishes and I also used Nfu-Oh Aqua Base just to make sure it'd be at its holo-est holo.

This is with 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station, which didn't dull the holo TOO much. :D

Have you gotten any of these lovelies?

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Robin said...

I have it and love it, too! It really is amazing (don't wear it while driving!) I wish it wore better, though. My mani was looking pretty shabby after a single day, but I didn't have an Aqua base, so maybe that was the reason? I just used the buffer/polisher file.

Sasha said...

I haven't gotten any Layla holos yet... but I am so tempted because I LOVE holos! This color looks great on you.

Mimi Eatly said...

Wow this looks absolutely gorgeous!! xox

ahhhdri said...

Wow,this looks amazing! Another lemmings for my list!

ilexica said...


Caitlin said...

Holla for holo indeed! I have this one too and I must agree it looks totally awesome, even indoors! I do wish it lasted longer on my nails though. Does the aqua base help wear time? I dont have an aqua base haha. But regardless, it looks great on you.

Melissa said...

Stunning holo! Looks amazing.

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Incredible holo! As soon as I see this somewhere, I'll be snapping it up!

Kate said...

I love this one. Am ordering it shortly. Can't wait to try it out. Such a strong holo.

Niki said...

totally loving this!!

Anonymous said...

I snagged this beauty a few weeks ago. Looove it. I wore it to Pride. ^_^

minnie said...

@Robin -- I kept it on for a few days, and I did use top coat, and it lasted a decent amount of time! The buffer should be enough, but I wanted to make sure as I wore these during finals and didn't have as much time to change polish :(

@Sasha -- you need to! They're amazing :D

@Mimi - thank you! :D

@Ahhhdri -- it's a worthy lemming :) all of the holos from Layla are awesomeness

@ilexica - :D pure yumminess, no?

@Caitlin - I'm thinking it may have, because if I recall correctly, it didn't chip immediately, lasted a couple of days, actually!

@Melissa - the polish does all the work :D

@Lacquer Tracker -- it's available on aveyou!

@Kate - yay!!! they're all amazing, super holo

@Niki -- thanks :D

@h20 - what a great idea! :D

Fitzy said...

Holy crap! That is some INTENSE holo. I've been lusting after these Layla holos for a while, and this just makes me want one even more!

picchinails said...

I love this polish!!! I mean look at it, it's freekin' awesome!!! I would have called it my favourite but now that the new collection has been released I think Misty Blush or Cloudy Violet are my favourite. That said Coffee Love is stunning too. Lets just say I'm still undecided *wink*.
Hugs, picchi

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