Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lynnderella Love Potion 99

This was one hard polish to photograph. Why are purples so tricky?

So I had to tweak it in Photoshop, and I think I got it close. Just know that it's a beautiful, deep, glowy purple with magic inside. The glitters are also shy at being photographed.

Just know that these pictures don't do this polish any justice at all.

I layered it over LA Girls Hustle, which is a true purple.

In direct sunlight

In the shade, you can see some of the glitters better :D

So beautiful! I actually don't wear purples that often so this was a really super nice surprise on my nails!

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Frosso said...

So gorgeous! And yes...purples are evil when it comes to cameras.

Melissa said...

Super gorgeous glitter!

TikiBarbie said...

Super pretty!

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Beautiful! That's another one to add to my wish list. ;)

minnie said...

@Frosso -- very hard :( I'll figure it out one day!!

@Melissa -- very gorgeous!!!

@Tikibarbie - thanks!!

@Lacquer Tracker -- it really is! I resisted for a while but picked it up and am sooo glad I did!

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