Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sportsgirl Moonshine Pedi using Pedi-sox

My last pedi flaked off in three days thanks to my lack of coordination (stabbed myself in the toe with a stiletto, yay... seriously, this is how ALL my pedis end up going to pedi heaven), so here is my latest, using Sportsgirl Moonshine. Sportsgirl is a clothing chain store in Australia, kind of like H&M - they've been slowly getting into cosmetics and skincare stuff in the past few years, and their polishes are pretty nice. Moonshine is a blue shimmer in a purple base.

I generally like dark colours on my toes, but annoyingly, that makes it super obvious when they start to flake off (it also makes the little stiletto circle really obvious... sigh). My dance classes involve lots of dragging of naked toes on wooden floors, most pedi-hating hobby ever?

These are the things that keep me pedi-ing through winter: Pedi-sox. Until they invent toeless uggs that don't slide around and leave fluff everywhere, these are my winter pedi go-to. Call me anti-feminist, but I can't stay out of the kitchen for the time it takes for a pedi to dry (I love my tea... I also love fixing the menfolk food and don't have the brain cells to vote *faints*), and my tiles are FREEZING. (For more info on them, and a chance to win a pair, go here.)

Here's what Moonshine looks like on my fingers:

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mgiandzi said...

Lovely colour! Your feet look so snug!

Michaela said...

I love dark colours on my toes too, except I'm kinda lazy and not too fussed about footsie chips. Sometimes I just paint over them again in the same(ish) shade. Bad beauty blogger, bad!
Sportsgirl polishes are surprisingly rad recently!

Marias Nail Art said...

Stiletto marks on the toes - shudder LOL
Moonshine is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

That color is gorgeous! And I could really use some of those socks for my pedi's in winter :).

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