Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kiko 274

Hola chicas!

After getting back from Spain I haven't really been in the mood for nail polish much - as predicted I massacred my nails while abroad (I ripped one of my right nails off at the nail bed which was every bit as unpleasant as it sounds, although I was trying on a pair of heavily discounted Zara shorts at the time, so I think that may be karma coming to get me). Since I got back I've been repainting the kitchen, so it hasn't really seemed worth it to do my nails.

Nonetheless, here is a colour I wore while away. My boyfriend found a Kiko store near the apartment we stayed in. He did mention that he thought pointing it out to me might be a big mistake, and so it proved. Nail polishes were €2.50 each, so I went predictably ballistic. I got so many that he had to put them in his case so that I wasn't over baggage allowance. True love, ladies.

This is Kiko - a sheer platinum comprised of gold and silver foil particles. It's much more sparkly in the flesh. Sorry for the subpar photography - this was in an alleyway in southern spain!

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Elaine said...

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed.
Your story about the nail is killing me! It made my fingers hurt just reading it.
Love this polish, very soft and pretty. Did you get a nice tan to off set it?

ilexica said...

Thanks Elaine! It was lovely although I ended up flying back early due to complications from my last surgery and I'm now laid up recovering from the fixer upper. On the plus side, I have a huge pile of polish to keep me entertained ;) The nail is also fine, I went and bought some nail scissors and superglue straight away (although not before making it to the checkouts, obviously...)

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