Monday, September 24, 2012

Enkelini swatches - Part 2

Yesterday on my blog I posted three Enkelini swatches (link), here are two more:

Tara Made Me Do It: This was apparently a request from a blogger, Tara from Polishy of Truth, who wanted a matte glitter. I'm a matte glitter fiend so I'm very glad Pat acquiesced! It's got big white diamonds, red squares, light purple hexes, little grey round glitter and tiny purple dust. You have to fish a little for the diamonds, but I think Tara Made Me Do It looks great both with and without them... but I'm a bit biased since purple and red are two of my favourite colours! I used Sportsgirl Purple Rain as the base. Unfortunately I took this photo after 3 days of wearing it so you can see the regrowth, but you can also see how amazingly chip-free it stayed with PVA base coat!

Unbreakable Spirit: Every glitterbomb maker seems to have their own version of rainbow glitterbomb - and this one is spectacular! The description says that it contains glitter "of all colours and sizes" - it's not kidding, the variety is the biggest I've ever seen. And instead of plain silver glitter, it's got chunky holo silver hexes! I've swatched it over ulta3 Pro Sky Blue, left it without topcoat, and it's still stunning.

All of the Enkelinis I tried were well-formulated and absolutely gorgeous. They're some of my first indie polishes, and I was incredibly impressed by the attention to detail that's gone into creating these. I got a lot of compliments while wearing them! As well as glitterbombs, there are also Enkelini linear holos and multichromes, and all of them come in both minis for trying out and full-sized bottles for long-term commitment!

These polishes were won in a giveaway. Most Enkelini polishes are $5 USD for a 5 mL mini and $8 USD for a full-sized 15 mL (holos and multichrome glitters are a bit more), and can be purchased here. All Enkelinis are 3-free.

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keijtieloves said...

wow i love it !!

Nail Polish Vixen said...

Gorgeous swatches!

Lacquer Lockdown said...

Beautiful combos! I like Tara Made Me Do It a lot. Alas I'm trying to take a break from too many glitters these days plus halloween is my favorite time and there are so many amazing collections coming out all over the place!

Ana said...

They look so fun!

LabMuffin said...

They're the best! I've seen some great halloween glitter previews... sigh! Stupid student budget!

Blogger said...

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