Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Too Much Whimsy? Revlon Whimsical

Not sure why my fingers look like shriveled up raisins in this pic...oi. Anyways, this is Revlon Whimsical - a supposed dupe of Lippmann's Glitter in the Air - over Essie Absolutely Shore. Looks pretty ghastly.

I do like how the two base colours came together to create an ethereal seafoam green colour, and I do love some copper sparkle, but this just isn't doing it for me or looking anywhere close to nice with my skin tone. The large hex glitter chunks look kind of diseased to me, and the overall effect just isn't very elegant or pretty (in my eyes anyways). Oh well, plenty of other polishes in the drawer!

What was your latest polish disappointment? I can't be the only one!


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keijtieloves said...

lovely polish <3

Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Whimsical is really fun over so many different colors. If you aren't liking the seafoam green, try pink or darker blue:) I know what you mean about sometimes the pictures looking odd - like showing wrinkles more, etc. It's like it's the lighting on certain days or something. I have been really struggling lately with my cuticles, etc. Tomorrow is a new day, right?

Snowydrops said...

I absolutely loved this one over a pale pink, so perhaps you can try its effects.

No disappointments recently - but the Relvon Scandalous (DL Bad Romance dupe) wore like iron for 7 days...very impressed.

alana said...

have you tried layering it over a dark blue? i found that to be very pretty, the base is translucent enough that you only see the glitter and shimmer.

cilucia said...

It works better for me over a pale blue, such as Essie Who Is the Boss (at least it is blueish on me; I know it's a little green on others)

beachgal said...

I don't think this looks bad at all - but we all have our own feelings on colors...I cannot stand myself in chalky light shades - they all make me so aware of how red my hands look and they are not usually red. I was insane over the DL GITA and bought 3 bottles of it when it came out. For a long time even getting hands on a Revlon dup was near impossible...and sad to me after over spending to get one to try, then Revlon added it to their ongoing collection with the new name along with the pink one and the Facets of Fuchsia too. I don't like the Revlon dup of FITA as much as the original - but I do like the Revlon dup they did in Facets of Fuchsia a lot more than the DG Bad Romance. I have had some fails in the past months - most were my trying sooo hard to find one, just one I ask for, in the light powder blue hue that I can wear - not found any yet - all too chalky..they have to be more blue or a lot cornflower blue for me to pull 'em off.

Grace said...

It might be the base color? I don't have this or the orginal DL, so I'm not much help, I guess!

Re: polish disappointments - I was SO excited to try the Sally Hansen magnetic polish (I even ordered the China Glaze magnet with the different patterns on it, so I'd have options besides the one in the Sally Hansen bottle cap) and... wah wah. I think my nails are too curved, maybe? The pattern (no matter which one I used, or how I held the magnet) would only show up in a narrow strip down the center of each nail. After about an hour of fussing with it, I just gave up.

Stephanie said...

I like Whimsical on its own, too; three thin coats make a beautiful, jelly-ish, coppery-glittery stunner of a manicure!

Disappointments; all the magnetic polishes have been disappointing for me, and I've tried at least four different brands of them. My nails are too curved, as well, for them to work right. :(

Natalia said...

I like it on you!

Jammies said...

I actually adore Whimsical, but Butter London Knackered was a huge disappointment for me.

Sibyl Rose said...

Literally just bought this yesterday... I'm thinking I'll have to experiment with it over different colors.

Shelby's Swatches said...

I definitely like how the base makes the glitter more green! Cute!

Kelly said...

I like Whimsical over white or used in a jelly sandwich.
I agree with Jammies above though, Knackered REALLY let me down.

Anonymous said...

I actually kinda like this! The color in the bottle is definitely prettier though. My last nail polish disappointment was Revlon's Ruby Ribbon :/

The Austrian said...

I wore Whimsical over Chanel Riva (which I don't like on it's own) and I loved it! I think it would look fantastic over a semi-sheer white. I also still want to try my gold-flake topcoat over a white jelly.

As for disappointments - magnetic polishes and pastel colored polishes. They look terrible and chalky on my nails.

kittytokaren said...

@keljtieloves - <3

@Essie Rae - I tried it over a bunch of things on a swatch wheel, but not on my nails. And yeah, let's blame the lighting for my hands looking horrible! :) Thank you! You're right...tomorrow is a new day.

@Snowydrops - So lucky to have no disappointments lately! I think its awesome that Revlon have been doing tons of Lippmann dupes - Lippmann probably disagrees.

@alana - That is something I didn't even try on the swatch wheel! Thank you.

@cilucia - Yeah this was far too green...I was just trying to be different. Silly me.

@beachgal - Ugh those hunts for the perfect shade of *blank* are so hard! I've hunted endlessly for my perfect red and it took forever! Good luck finding your power blue...

@Grace - So many people were disappointed by the magnetics! My nails must be pretty flat because they works OK for me - but I'm over the trend now.

@Stephanie - Another magnetic disappointment! Girl, you are not alone. But really, its not the worst thing to have not work for you...there is something more fabulous around the corner :)

@Natalia - Aww thanks Natalia!

@Jammies - Whimsical looks fab on tons of people that I've seen - its the reason I picked it up! I've still never tried Butter London but I'm crossing Knackered off my list...

@Sibyl Rose - I think thats the best idea - I wish I had experimented more!

@Shelby - I'm glad you like it!

@Kelly - Wow Knackered is losing friends by the minute!

@Amaris - Aww so you had a Revlon disappointment as well! We will find better things right?

@The Austrian - I think Riva would make it look more like it does in the bottle - I probably would have liked that better! Magnetics and pastels seem to be the disappointment consensus and you summed it up nicely!


scReamViolenc3 said...

I think you should try it alone! I have a picture on my blog of it alone and it's very soft looking. This is one of those colors that doesn't necessarily need to be layered.

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