Saturday, November 3, 2012

Drugstore + Indie: blue!

I think my most favorite color to have on my nails is turquoise, with blue coming in a close second. Then green? I also like red, though. Actually, I like every color, just depends on my mood. But I do find myself, more often than not, reaching for a teal to place on my nails (and then tell myself I need more variety and put it back and pick another color).

Lush Lacquer is an indie that has a lot of the type of glitter mixes that I like. I like this one especially because of the bold jewel color mixture.

This is 2 coats of Lush Lacquer: Neon Blast over Maybelline: Shocking Seas. I really loved this, other than the fact that the bigger pink glitters had "taco-ed" a bit -- didn't quite lay flat on the nail.

The Maybelline was quite nice, it took about 2 coats and the application was great. I actually received the core line to review, so I will be posting more NOTDs with them :)

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Unknown said...

Super gorgeous glitter polish and it looks amazing over shocking seas.

Natalia A said...

OMG! This polish is beyond gorgeousness!

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