Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Hands: Art is Hard

I love different shaped glitters, and hearts are going to be everywhere once Valentine's polishes are released. This one polish is by Happy Hands and it's a Harlow & Co. exclusive.

It's a mixture of matte red and purple hearts, teal hexes, small purple hexes, translucent blue holo glitters, if that makes sense. It's a cute polish, I love that there are 2 different heart colors in it and that they're both matte. I layered it over a baby blue, Color Club: Take Me To Your Chateau. I wanted each of the colors to be able to stand out, but not layer over black. The glitters laid pretty flat on the nail and only needed about 2 coats of top coat.

The polish is pretty glitter heavy, this is about 1 coat applied and then dabbing on to fill in. Because the polish is so thick (maybe should have thinned it), I wasn't able to get it as sparse, but I like how it looks.

One can find Happy Hands at their Facebook here and this particular polish at Harlow & Co. here :)

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