Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OPI Moonraker

Sorry for being absent. I've had a pretty berserk couple of weeks peppered with frantic activity and more than a bit of bad news (got in a car accident, then my 18-year old childhood cat was put to sleep, and then yesterday my granddad got taken into hospital with heart problems) so honestly, nail blogging has been at the bottom of a long list. I have still been wearing nail polish, just haven't been much inclined to take pictures, upload, post...


Anyway, to kick off 2013 (with a resolution to be a better blogger) here's OPI Moonraker. The reviews of this were pretty lukewarm but I actually really like it. It's a lightly bluish gunmetal. Lots of bloggers have complained about streaks but I don't think it's any worse than most chromes - I always use a seche vite sandwich (base coat, two coats colour, SV, another coat of colour) which makes the finish reasonably smooth and hardwearing. And I find this colour a nice, practical neutral.

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AMnegle - nailpolish blog said...

Very understandable that you have choosen family over blogging. Hope you are allright after all :)

Pretty polish. I have only got on her majestys secret service from this collection, but maybe this was worth trying.

Biz Morris Haselwandter said...

Wishing you a good start to 2013!

janneyt said...

Do you put a top coat over the last coat of Moonraker? I like the idea of a polish sandwich but won't it chip easily without that last top coat?

Laurie said...

I am so, SO sorry to hear about your cat. Animals are like family members and I know how much a loss like that can impact a person. I hope you weren't hurt in your car accident and that the impact it has on your financial/insurance situation isn't too bad, either. I'll be sending good thoughts your way for both you and your granddad. Thank you for taking the time to post during such a rough period of time!

Isis04 said...

So, so sorry to hear all that's going on. I can commiserate about losing your cat; I just put down my 16-yr old sweet, orange tabby girl, Sophie.

I can also commiserate about the car accident. My brother was driving, couldn't stop, and I ended up with nerve damage in my back and post concussion syndrome. I hope you weren't hurt in your accident.

My brother also has heart issues, and so did my father.

You are a strong, strong woman. I know you'll come out of all this ok.

I wish you a healing new year. Remember: one day at a time. Sounds trite, but it's true.

xoxo, ((hugs))

Crystal said...

So sorry to hear about your cat, I know how much it hurts but his/her memory will stay with you forever. I lost my childhood dachsund at christmas day, 10 years ago, but still christmas is about her.

Hope your grandad recovers quickly.

and finally, moonraker is one of my favorite skyfall polishes, i don't get all the allergic reactions to this polish. maybe it's the fact that not everyone knows how to apply it well (and roll the bottle before use...) It looks smashing!

Big hug!


Andy said...

I do hope 2013 turns out a lot better for you that the last couple of weeks of 2012 - it sounded awful.

I too am interested in your "Seche Vite sandwich" technique. I use SV routinely, and can see that your method would result in a very smooth final layer of polish, which would especially suit chrome / frost type polishes.

However, does SV still dry quickly with another layer of colour on top? How long a gap do you leave between the various layers etc?

JSA Lowe said...

so so sorry about your kitty. I send you catprayers.

ellavenus said...

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