Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Polish: Scarab Beetle + Social Media Update :)

Long time no post! School started up and it's been so busy! I'm settling in finally and getting used to the schedule and able to do my nails again :) Although I admit, I gave up caffeine over the winter break and suffered 2 weeks of withdrawal headaches from it and don't want to go back to drinking coffee again so soon... but it's hard! I'm not allowing myself tea, either.

We'll see how far into the semester I can make it.

With school starting, I needed a color that I Loved and that would be teal/turquoise. I was looking through my polishes and picked up Rainbow Polish: Scarab Beetle. PERFECT.

I layered it over Essence: Bella, a turquoise creme. Scarab Beetle is a glitter topcoat made up of holo teal glitter, blue matte glitter and black glitter of different sizes. I'm seriously loving this manicure, this is after 5 days and I'm not tired of it yet. It's also held up really well!

Rainbow Polish can be found on her Facebook here and her Etsy here :)

Social Media!

  • I recently (and finally) got Instagram, so if anyone wants to follow me, my username is xminhae :) I'll be posting pictures of food, nails and my nail polish hauls (and probably some of random stuff!)
  • My twitter is miiinhae, would love if you followed that also! It's just random stuff, but I don't spam anything.
  • I'm also getting back into Pinterest, and if you'd like to follow me there, here's the link!

    Thanks! Happy to be posting again :D

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Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

This is such a pretty combo! Love it.

Melissa said...

Scarab Beetle is so pretty! I love the black glitter.

Mimi Eatly said...

Soo pretty I love it! Looks like a gel polish xo

TikiBarbie said...


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