Tuesday, February 5, 2013

China Glaze: For Audrey, dotted

I've been craving cremes lately (which is really rare!) and that usually means China Glaze: For Audrey. I can confidently say this is my most favorite China Glaze and I've actually done more than a few manicures with it. I love the color :) The application is still pretty great with half the bottle gone.

I jazzed it up with a few dots here and there.


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Sara said...

I love the dots. Great mani!

Piff said...

Gorgeous mani!

Annick said...

Saw this on Instagram (I think!) and love it!

minnie said...

@Sara - thanks!! I need to do more "dotticures" haha, just that I usually have glitter on so it's not possible... well, it is, but it wouldn't look as good!

@Piff - thank you!

@Annick - aw thanks! Glad to know you're following!!

Anna Maria said...

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