Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The first time in ages that I've liked my nails

So, as you can see, I am a) pretty AWOL at the minute (snow, endless work, exhaustion, probably not getting better any time soon) and b) in possession of nubbins.

So lately my nails have been knackered - I shredded them doing DIY and I've just not had time to do any polishing. So this weekend (thank God, reading week!!!) I actually did a manicure. And I like it! It's so pretty and bright and cheery. Just what I need for this time of year.


So this is Kiko 281 - a bright tangerine. Like most neon cremes it sort of looks like it has 'holes' in it when you're applying, so this is three coats to try and even it out.

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Elaine said...

Wow! That's the shortest I have ever seen your nails! They look great either way and LOVE the color of the polish! You sound cheery, hope you are doing well. :-)

Vedrana Brankovic said...

I love how your nails look right now. I like this bright shade too. It really brightens the day. I know that Kiko polishes can be difficult to apply. I don't like their formula very much.

ilexica said...

@ Elaine - I know, it's weird! It makes my iphone really easy to use though...!

@ Vedrana - thanks :) Kiko polishes can definitely be a bit tricky. I love how cheap and hard wearing they are, which makes up for it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shade! So bright :)

Josephine B said...

Beautiful nails and such a pretty color! Lovely!

Custom Nail Solutions said...

The tangerine is so pretty! Absolutely love it! :)

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