Wednesday, April 3, 2013

World Autism Day nails: Happy Hands I Just Blue Myself

World Autism Day was yesterday, but I still wanted to share my NOTD -- these were my nails to commemorate :)

I bought this polish a while ago, right when it was being discontinued (sad, right?) because I loved how vibrant it looked. And it's super vibrant. It's blue hexes and squares with a smattering of purple hexes in a blue tinted base. I layered it over a dark blue jelly, although it'd probably have the same effect over black.

This took about 1 regular coat then 2 coats using the dabbing method. I love it, it's super shiny and eye catching.

On the subject of blue, it's bluebonnet season in Texas :) I went last weekend with a couple of friends to try and take some pictures. It was overcast and it's not quite peak in the season yet but I got a couple of good pictures :)

They're so pretty! Especially gorgeous when you see the field as a whole while you're driving down freeways.

One can find Happy Hands at their Facebook here and their Etsy here!

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Monica P said...

Amazing nail polish look.


Squeaky Q said...

Love this polish!

Katie said...

THIS IS PERFECT MINNIE! I am a high functioning autistic and this is a manicure that screams "autistic manicure" to me. I love glitter because it's sparkly and glittery and enchanting and (enter in lots of "and"s.) You do not want to see me around glitter polish. I have such a hard time just picking one because they are so shiny!

I wish I lived in Texas again though. It's so cold where I live in the Midwest!

TikiBarbie said...

I can't wait until the bluebonnets start blooming up here in Dallas!

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