Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smitten Polish: Capitana El Rubi

Today I have for you Capitana El Rubi by Smitten Polish, part of the new Shipwrecked collection. I was wanting to wear a red when I decided to use this polish. I love the different glitter shapes in it. The formula was pretty difficult to work with -- I tried to use 3 coats, but even though I waited for each layer to dry, it bunched up in areas. The glitter didn't quite come out as I wanted. I suppose I could have used thinner on it but I was stubborn.

It's a maroonish red polish with pink and silver glitter (including circle glitter!) and a purple shimmer/flash and I wanted to love it but it didn't quite happen. It ended up being a very thick manicure (coats of polish plus tons of topcoat). Maybe 5 coats of topcoat -- I added one more before taking these pictures, and in the 1st you can see the trouble area.

Gorgeous polish, in need of a good amount of thinner, though.

Information: Facebook // Etsy // Llarowe

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Gosia said...

Gorgeous it is indeed!!! Bummer about the formula.

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