Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm still alive

Like Piff, I've been kinda busy. Sorry. I've only just started wearing nail polish again after working my nails down to nubbins for a few months. I'm hoping to submit my PhD thesis this autumn which probably explains the lack of time for vanity... :)



Anyway, first of a series of catch-up posts is this, OPI Eurso Euro. I was totally dying for this (my PhD is on the Euro, so this one was meant to be), and it looks glorious in the bottle. One coat application, too. Nonetheless, it's just a touch too navy to be Euro blue - I was hoping for something with more of a cobalt punch.

Still, not bad.

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Elaine said...

So glad to see you! Nice color polish...strange to see your nails so short, I almost didn't recognize you! ;-)

Mana said...

this is a gorgeous color, I love it. I love short nails on you, I tend to keep mine short, though they are a bit shorter than I'd like right now they'll be back to normal soon.

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ilexica said...

@Elaine - hi, thank you honey! They're back longer now (funnily enough once I stopped teaching and working 70 hour weeks and went back to a slightly more normal schedule, they grew right back...).

@Mana - the weird thing about short nails is that I always love them when I look back at pictures, I just don't love them at the time :P I am similarly rubbish with my hair, I always decide I love particular styles after I've got rid of them. Never satisfied...

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