Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tony Moly Shooting Star

Here's one I love but haven't posted - Tony Moly Shooting Star. It's one of their Revlon Whimsical-looking line - a purple creme base with rainbow glitters. I used this combo in one of my first jelly sandwich manicures, so it was nice to finally pick it up in one-pot form from the Tony Moly stall in Sydney's Market City.

I love the pastel prettiness, and the cheerful multicoloured glitter! I think I'd prefer a slightly bluer purple though.

I've been really impressed with all the Korean polishes I have so far, which makes me think I should really buy more - they're affordable, and have lovely formulas!

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Melissa said...

This is so pretty and really cute too! It makes me think of frosting.

Julia Steele Scott said...

It looks very pretty - did you layer it? What undies? I have this polish but I hate it. I just bought it cos it was in a three pack with the Whimsical dupe. Maybe I should give it another chance.

Asami Gwen Cormier said...

This is so cute! I love it! I would totally wear this happy polka dotted one.

Squeaky Nails said...

That is really cute!

LabMuffin said...

Julia - I wore it over Rimmel Lively Lilac I think. I just grabbed the nearest purple creme!

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