Friday, April 25, 2014

Belated Easter Mani: Happy Hands Motherboy jelly sandwich and a return?

Hey guys and gals! so I'm trying something new! I downloaded the blogger app so that I can make posts away from a computer, lol. 

So today's post is about my Easter manicure. It is a jelly Sandwich with OPI Don't Touch my Tutu with Happy Hands Motherboy. One coat of the OPI below the glitter and 2 over, to make the pastel glitter a bit more pastel :) It was really delicate and cute. Happy Hands has sadly shut down but a dupe to Motherboy can be found at Rainbow Polish, named Taffy.

Hope there is some interest in this blog still! I'm considering doing a return to blogging giveaway,  comment to let me know if it would be worth doing!  Til next time~

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Lyn. said...

I love this mani! It's super cute.

Butterdaisy said...

Love the mani and love this blog! I've been into jelly sandwiches lately bc of receiving the L'oreal Miss Candy collection. I'm a sucker for jelly polishes.

Charis J said...

Welcome back! Really cute jelly mani!

scReamViolenc3 said...

Such a pretty Easter mani =) welcome back!

Kathy said...

Too cute--looks like a cupcake icing. I've missed everyone posting. Where is everyone? I hope we can keep this blog alive, it really important in the nail blogging community. I personally get alot of ideas from you the experts.

JCz said...

I love this blog welcome back! I love the new nail shape also. Keep it up!

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