Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lady in Grey: YSL Gris Deco

My first-ever YSL polish! I have contemplated purchasing this for months. Gris Deco is a soft grey colour with the barest hint of shimmer not only appealed to me somewhere deep in my neutral-loving soul, but is also completely unique in my collection.

This stuff is expensive. Chanel expensive.

However, application was a dream. I was concerned the huge brush would be unwieldy and messy, but it turned out to be perfect. If it were any larger it would have been too big for my pinky, which required only one swipe. I used three thin coats, and the effort was minimal because of how few strokes were needed. Lovely.

The colour is outstanding - a delicate grey with near-invisible shimmer that just manages to give the polish a porcelain-like quality on the nail. I adore this. It's an office-appropriate neutral that isn't a boring sheer (and I LOVE boring sheers), or one of my typical taupes. I also happen to think it pops beautifully against gold rings. The combination of the warm gold and the cool grey is reminiscent of the luxe packaging and just makes my heart sing. (My rings are from Henri Bendel. The harness ring looks to be sold out, but they have other versions available. The midi rings are here and on sale at the moment!)

I cannot comment on wear right now, because I just applied this last night. My fingers are crossed that it doesn't go all chippy the way some more expensive polishes have on me in the past. (Speaking of which, I have an exciting post coming up sharing the top/base coat combo that makes my Chanels chip-proof!) If wear time is solid, you can bet I will be purchasing more YSL polishes.

Have you tried YSL polishes? What are your favourite unique colours in the line?


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Emily said...

This looks beautiful on you! I don't own any YSL polishes, but...maybe I'll take a look soon. :)

kittytokaren said...

Thank you! It's so nice to "see a familiar face" on here. :) So far it's wearing perfectly so I am also considering future YSL polish purchases!

Anonymous said...

I have Pop Art Red and it is to die for. Formula and wear are both excellent and I LOVE the brush. Its perfect

shineeye said...

ysl is my favorite brand, and this polish is one of my most liked ones!

shineeye said...

ysl is my favorite brand, and this polish is one of my most liked ones!

kittytokaren said...

I agree PNABS (I hope this is an acceptable nickname!) - the brush is outstanding! I will have to check out Pop Art Red. It looks perfect for summer!

Shine eye - sounds like you and I have similar taste! Any other YSL polish colours you love?

Arrianne said...

I'm so glad you're back I missed your fab nubbins! C:

kittytokaren said...

@Arrianne - So nice to "see" you again! :) It's nice to be back.

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