Thursday, March 12, 2015

Job Interview Candidates

I (FINALLY) graduated with my PhD in December. I haven't discussed my experience here much here. It is still a raw, open wound, and I am just relieved to be done. Sadly the "real world" requires that I do things like "pay bills", "buy food", etc. so I am job hunting even though my confidence is at an all-time low.

There is GOOD NEWS though! I have a job interview next week! (The bad news is that I'm super nervous, even though many of my friends work at the company already.)

I need your help!

When I feel pulled-together, I act more pulled-together. Outfit, makeup, hair and accessories might seem like frivolous things to be thinking about ahead of the interview, but I need all the confidence boosters I can get. Will you help me pick out the right interview nail polish?

The candidates are (L-R):

Essie Brides to Be
OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Essie Brooch the Subject (post here)
YSL Beige Leger (post here)

Which do you like best? Being a sheer, Essie Brides to Be is the most conservative. Where I am interviewing is a more casual workplace, so I could definitely go with something more opaque. OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around has a more springtime feel with its white base and lilac tone. Essie Don't Brooch the Subject blends in more with my skin, and I think the almond colour has a nice chicness to it. YSL Beige Leger is one of my newest favourites, but I'm worried that it will be noticed as "odd".

Any other suggestions would be welcome as well - what would you wear to an interview???


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Grace said...

I vote for the OPI. I think it suits your skin tone the best of the 4, but Brooch the Subject is also a favorite of mine. I don't think any of them would be considered "odd". They're all very appropriate, especially on short nails.

Best of luck with the interview! My PhD program was horrid, and impostor syndrome is a very real thing. It's awful, and it takes a while to get on your feet again after having your ego systematically shredded to bits for years on end, but just keep telling yourself "I DESERVE TO BE HERE."

Unknown said...

I vote for the OPI also. It has a very clean, capable look. I'm sure you'll do GREAT!

Unknown said...

I'm voting for Essie Brooch the Subject :) Seriously loving the almond tone.

Best of luck on your interview, and congrats on landing one! :D

Deborah said...

My vote is for Essie Don't Brooch the Subject but I think any of them would be fine and you are overthinking this.

Traci said...

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around looks stellar on you, I would definitely go with that one!

Noelle said...

I think they all look good! My gut reaction was that I liked Don't Brooch the Subject or YSL the best, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them :)

Flyavsted said...

I vote for YSL! Good luck!!👍

seizethesparkle said...

I like OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around the best. It's a great springy color and is easily work appropriate. I think it looks the best in comparison to the other polishes, and then there's the name! Channel that sass and wow them... Good Luck!!!

Marlène said...

I vote OPI.
best of luck to you.

Natalie said...

I vote OPI too! Congratulations and good luck! I so wish I was done with my PhD and where you are right now!! best wishes!

GMC said...

OPI is best.

L.S. Marquez said...

I vote for YSL - very classy. Don't be nervous. Respond to your interviewer as if they were one of your friends, be open and honest. I never get nervous once I speak to an interview as if I'd known them for years!! You're not selling your make up or accessories, you're selling yourself and your skills!!

Cat Ray said...

I vote for Don't Bossa Nova Me Around or Don't Brooch The Subject, but really, I think you can't go wrong with any them! I totally get where you're coming from about feeling more confident when you're pulled together and have a plan-- I'm the same way. If the little details are all worked out then I feel like I'm more in control. Good luck!

Happy said...

I pick OPI! I just relocated recently and went through a bunch of interviews at several different places so I know your pain! But I actually ended up with two different part time jobs (which is what I was looking for) that are both amazing. I had a couple not as great interviews which bummed me out at the time but looking back I realized that part of it was that I wasn't all that interested in the job or felt like I wasn't qualified enough (even though I was but would talk myself out of it) so at the interview I would appear less passionate about the position, so learn from my mistakes!
My advice:
1. See if it truly is what you want to do (research company etc)
2. Ask your friends what their interview process was like, if they remember who interviewed them, what was asked.
3. Practice interview questions, both generic and ones that are specific to your field. The jobs I applied for were advance level jobs yet most of the interviewers still asked me what my weaknesses/strengths were, as well as scenario questions.
4. Practice in front of a partner or mirror, just so that you're talking out loud - because practicing answers in your head vs speaking them out is quite different, and watch your gestures.. Not too much or too little.
5. Dress the part- even though it is a pretty casual environment it never hurts to dress in more business professional or even business casual clothes. Don't overdo it on the accessories but do wear something that makes you feel good and makes you feel confident. Definitely be careful not to overdo it on the fragrances!
6. If you are someone that gets sweaty when nervous (especially in the brow area) don't forget anti perspitant. I have put it on my brow before too (almost like a face primer) so as to avoid looking sweaty and nervous.
7. Be confident!! Haha I know way easier said than done. But before I went to the interview I would review the job qualifications to remind myself that I was completely qualified ... It helps to come up with examples on how you are qualified so that if it comes up in the interview you can tell them. Keep reminding yourself how awesome you are and how awesome you would be at the job, and how lucky they would be to have you! Do it enough and your brain actually believes you! Which is important because you have to be the one selling yourself, so you have to believe in yourself!! Give yourself a pep talk like people do right before a big game.
8. Review your resume before you go in... Then review it again. Because seriously when you're nervous all those amazing buzzwords on your resume go right out the window!!

Hope this helps... I know some of it is pretty obvious but it helped me anyway :) good luck!! Keep us posted!!

chichicho said...

congrats! good luck on your interview! I'd go for OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

kittytokaren said...

WOW!!! You guys are amazing!! To everyone who responded...I want to give you all a giant hug! THANK YOU!

@Grace - "Horrid" is an excellent word to describe my experience. I am adopting your mantra. I DESERVE TO BE HERE!!! <3

@Liz - Thank you!! OPI seems to be the fav!

@Lauren - Thank you - I think I only landed it because of all my friends who work there, but I'll take it.

@Deborah - I am *definitely* overthinking it. But having all the little details in place makes me feel more confident overall - every little bit helps?

@Traci - Another Bossa Nova vote! <3

@Noelle - The YSL is such a new fav of mine, I'm tempted to go with it even though the votes are solidly in favour of the OPI. This all might change once I pick my outfit though!!

@Flyavsted - Thank you! <3

@SJ - It's been springy here and will be next week, so I think your logic might be correct! And I love the idea of channeling the attitude of the name! How fabulous :) I need that!

@Marlene - Thank you so much.

@Natalie - Oh my love I wish I could squeeze your hand and tell you it will be OK. Getting through it was hard. I kept telling myself it would be worth it. I will report back from this side of it and let you know. Best of luck in your studies!

@GMC - That seems to be the choice!

@LS - This is great advice. Thank you. I need to just remember to be myself, and looking at the interviewer as if they are my friend will DEFINITELY help me do so!

@Cat - Exactly! Having all the dumb and probably inconsequential little details together gives me a sense of control - even if it is a false one. I'm so glad you understand, and thank you.

@glittergirley - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have copied and pasted your comment into a word document and printed it out. This is unbelievably helpful to me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me and letting me benefit from your knowledge!! I will be following your advice as close to the letter as I can get.

@thechichicha - Thank you so much!! That one is the front-runner :)



jordanrae said...

i vote for the OPI too! clean and fresh, while still being appropriate :)

jordanrae said...

oh, and good luck! sorry, i forgot that part haha :)

Sa said...

I'd vote for the Essie one, but they all look perfect for an interview. Best of luck to you! I totally understand how you feel. I recently finished my PhD in biology and am currently on the job hunt. I do not like interviews, because I am always nervous, but I think (or hope) it will get better the more often you do it. Fingers crossed!

Delphi Michaels said...

I love glittergirley's advice as well. The only thing I could think to add is: smile. As much as is appropriate. We are all conditioned to smile back at people who smile at us. And once we've smiled at someone, we like them more. smile, they smile, and suddenly they are hearing your responses in a more positive light. Two things: interviewers can be trained to not reflexively smile back so you might not see flashes of teeth coming back when you flash your own, but they WILL smile on the inside. We can't help ourselves. So don't be worried if they aren't meeting your smiles with some of their own. The other thing is to practice your smile in the mirror a few different times before the interview. If you want to grin instead of smiling, cool...go with what you're comfortable with. But practice enough so that your smile 1) loses the "I'm only smiling because I'm nervous" look, and 2) you see your smile is making your whole face light up and also shows in your eyes. Showing them some sunshine on your face (oh, man, that was corny), will be just an added asset to everything else you've prepared and practiced. People want to hire people they feel they like. And after a few well-placed smiles, they'll subconciously like you. You're going to do smashingly and, yes, please let us know how it went? :)

Rin said...

I vote for OPI, very flattering! Also, I got my PhD last year and I found the whole process the most nervewracking thing ever, even though in the end my defense went fine. So well done and congrats to you!

Robin Storesund said...

I vote for the YSL. It's a premium brand and it looks great on you, both of which should give you confidence. I worked in publishing, which is terribly conservative, and it would not have been out of place there.

In your interview just be prepared and give yourself time to think before you answer their questions — you don't want to embarrass yourself like those beauty pagent contestants! (Although some of their questions can make your jaw drop. I was once asked what one typeface I would want with me on a desert island. Oh, I don't know… some huge display face that could be seen from a plane?)

Be sure to ask THEM questions, too, like who would you be working with, what project will you be starting on, why did the previous job holder leave the position, etc. You'll do great!

ilexica said...

I love the YSL, personally, but they are all lovely. I wore a Models' Own microglitter to my job interview. It was probably a bit gauche but I got the job, so it must have done something positive!

I think my only tip would be do whatever you need to do to go into the interview feeling like the best version of you, not a second rate version of somebody else. I spent ages agonising trying to find a boring suit and boring shoes and so on, and it just made me miserable. In the end I dressed in separates that I really loved and I felt confident and good about myself, not wallflower-ish. I would definitely recommend that approach.

Good luck! x

Laikabear said...

I like them all but I like Brides to Be best. Actually I like them in descending order from left to right, haha. :) Good luck on the interview and congratulations on the PhD!

Natalie said...

kittytokaren-- thank you so much for your sweet response! just what I needed on this tough day of writing even more grant applications! Hope the interview went well!

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