Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guppy polish swatches

Thanks to Iceomatic's suggestion in her BB Couture for Men giveaway, I heard about the Korean Guppy brand (available off of eBay). She bought some and I bought some; she posted hers and now I'm posting mine!

First though, some pictures of guppies. The word "guppy" is not particularly graceful. I always imagined it to be some boring brown fish whose reputation was only buoyed by the colorful Flounder from The Little Mermaid (though I'm pretty sure Flounder was a flounder and was only accused of being a guppy because he was afraid of the sunken ship):

But no... guppies are not boring brown fish. They actually look sort of awesome!

Is it just me or do some of these lend themselves really well to nail polish colors and nail art designs?!

Anyway, on to the nail polish: really great application on shimmers and cremes for me. For about $3.50 each (including S&H) from Korea, it's a pretty damn good deal for a nice big bottle of polish (0.61fl oz).

Guppy 77
Mossy green with gold shimmer. This one was super easy to apply and one of my favorites. I love mossy greens!

Guppy 78
Rich golden-copper shimmer. Nothing too special though it does have the bonus of being unstreaky.

Guppy 64

This one was my absolute favorite and completely impossible to capture well. Maroon base with purple, silver and gold shimmer. Not really a foil but with a... diffuse foil finish, let's say.

Close-up of Guppy 64
There is some serious shimmer action going on here. It's dark but glimmers in the sunlight.

Guppy 32
Darkened lavender creme that tilts just a slight bit red. The cremes are very glossy.

Guppy 29
A saturated jelly cobalt. Three coats here. It's so reflective because of how glossy it is that it almost hides the VNL. This one was a bit thick so I didn't put on a fourth coat for fear of messing up my mani entirely (and blue is not a fun color to clean up).

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mKat said...

Oh wow... That green is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous. (I would love to see a green like that with no shimmer.... I think that's "the colour" I've been searching for my whole life.) :p

Maybe our team should do some nature or guppy inspired manis for a week? :)

Anneli said...

Those are lovely, especially the green and the blue jelly!

Unknown said...

I love these!

daydream222 said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!! I need the purple one desperately.

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

OH! I love the blue and purple! LOL at your guppy pics! :)

Lucy said...

They are all so gorgeous. The green and blue are really amazing. The purple is fantastic. I will have to check these out. Thanks for swatching these.

ThRiSzHa said...

i have guppy #64 & i really love so glad that guppy is available in a local market here in Abu dhabi...i just hope guppy 77 & 32 will be available soon in the market here.. i bought my guppy for 2$ =) ill post some of my other guppy polish that i have soon... i love gupy creams coz i can use them for my nail stamping..

Feline Flodin said...

Ha, funny thing, I thought I'd ebay myself some Guppies after seeing Vampy Varnish' swatches of 'em, but when I got a restock in my account today, I felt "...Nah... I'll leave it for now.". Just to cem check this out and yet again feeling the urge to click home som evilbay Guppies! Golden moss greens are my favourites, so 77 will be finding it's way to my mailbox fo' sho'!

flinty said...

mKat: OCC Swamp Thing is close creme relative of 77, I think. It's hard to compare because the gold shimmer really brightens it but if you added gold shimmer to Swamp Thing, it might just turn out like 77. :)

Anneli + kittyluvscolor + daydream222 + lucy: glad you guys enjoyed them!! :D

Liz: LOL, thanks for suggesting the brand! And I'm glad my guppy pics were appreciated. I had a good time picking out which (real) guppy pics I wanted to post. :)

thriszha: that's sort of a random find in the UAE! Thanks for the tip on the stamping: I hadn't even thought of that for these polishes. Btw, are there any good Middle Eastern nail polish brands that you could recommend?

feline: well, if you like golden moss colors, you know what to do... ;)

ThRiSzHa said...

hi there again flinty...i have a polish that made is UAE & its called CP TRENDIES.. the bottle is too small just like the konad special polish bottle a 5ml...& the colors were pretty nice.. btw i linked this page on my new post blog about guppy...ill try to make swatches of my guppy polish in some other day...

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