Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holo and Halloween!!

I've been conspicuously absent for the past few weeks and I apologize! My schedule is insane (compared to what I'm used to... geez I can barely do the 9-5 thing and now I'm doing 9-6+ and then I have to come home and study!)... so much so that occasionally my nails fall into disrepair.

On the plus side, I have a metric ton of the new China Glaze glitters which I intend upon sharing when I can and several other new goodies which I am trying to make time to swatch.

First up, Color Club Wild At Heart
Color Club Wild At Heart
Nothing you haven't seen before, but why wouldn't you want to see more of it? Gorgeous dark purple which an every so slight holo to it... it mostly shows up as a red glow for me aside from under very bright light sources. I wish I could say what it looks like in the sun but those of you in Texas know these aren't good times for sunshine!

China Glaze Atlantis
China Glaze Atlantis
First swatch of the ChG glitters and also my new absolute favorite polish of all time (already been backed up!). It leans a little more green on me than most people, but it's definitely teal. Extremely flattering color on my skintone and the glitter in this is absolutely insane under all types of light!

Next up, I have two very different halloween themed polishes for those of you looking for that special color to fit the reason!

IMG_1795 China Glaze Spellbound over Sally Hansen Celeb City
China Glaze Spellbound (layered over a metallic silver) - normally, I'm not huge on layering, but when I saw this combination on another MUAer I knew that I needed to have this on my fingers! By itself, Spellbound is larger orange hex glitter with smaller silver and orange glitters in a clear base. It's so foily and beautiful in person, almost reflective.

IMG_1755 OPI Glow-ink In the Dark
OPI Glow-Ink In the Dark - this is a medium purple glow in the dark polish, OPI asserts that it glows green and I'd have to agree. My only gripe with this polish is that it's EXTREMELY sheer and it took 5 layers to build it to this level of opacity (I feel it was worth it, but you may not) - if you're interested in this polish you better get to looking soon! It's available in mini sets and if you're lucky you can find a full sized bottle online.

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Piff said...

I'm not a glitter person but Atlantis is seriously the most gorgeous thing.

Unknown said...

Glow ink is a major lemming! I love how Atlantis looks green on you...I wonder if I could be that lucky?

Grace of Spades said...

Evil Angel - My only guess is that my skin is somewhat warm and pale which maybe brought out some more of the green tones in the polish and made it look a teeny weeny bit darker than on some? So maybe if you're warmer...

D:) - I'm not too into glitter either... or I wasn't.

Unknown said...

Everyone's been hating on Spellbound, but I LOVE your Spellbound-over-silver mani! Big lemming for me. I <3 orange!

Unknown said...

grace of spades (awesome name!) i la la LOVE your nails! simply adorable :D

all these colors look great on you. i'm also a big fan of atlantis, and the spellbound layering looks FAB! i can't wait to get my hands on glow ink, or my tips haha.

augusta said...

all of these swatches look great!
i cant wait to get my hands on spellbound and wild at heart.

Hello Adrienne said...

I still can't believe you made Spellbound look soooooo amazing!!!!

Lucy said...

Atlantis really looks different on you than other pictures I seen. Still look gorgeous. Wild at Heart is lovely. I love your layered Spellbound look. Looks insane over the silver. I'm not bothering with the last one. I already have a China Glaze Glow in the dark polish. Thanks for the swatching.

daydream222 said...

I love your swatches!!! I'm totally dying for Wild at Heart and Spellbound! I think I'm going to put an opaque white underneath Glow Ink the Dark.

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