Thursday, November 5, 2009

iNOTD: China Glaze Sci Fi

Another from the Khrome collex. I really liked this one: in different lights, it can look pink, purple or silver. Very bright and a bit easier to apply than the other Khromes I've tried so far.

China Glaze Sci Fi

No topcoat, dried completely within the hour. I'm planning a larger posts with all the Khromes I have for later this month.

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Unknown said...

Sci fi is the one Khrome I have really been wanting! you confirmed it...putting it on my list!

Paige said...

That is a really neat color!

Clean Diva said...

I rocked this at work, which was a smidge risky (think stodgy to the max) but executives were complimenting me on it.

Helen said...

This looks great! Looking forward to that larger Khrome post ;))

Lucy said...

Love this shade on you. I want to get the whole collection.

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