Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nubar Prisms swatches, Part I

Eep! Eep! Holos! A collection of holos! Eep!

As I mentioned yesterday, Nubar's PR sent me their new Prisms collection (due out New Year's Day, 2010... omg, it's practically 2010). The Prisms are made up of four chunky holos and four smooth holos. The smooth holos somewhat resemble a dusty pastel version of the China Glaze OMG collection (though with more scattered holo) while the chunky holos resemble holos like Massini Slammin' Red and some of the new China Glaze glitter polishes like Mahoganie. They are not that much like Nubar Reclaim, which is sad because that is one of my favorite polishes.

Nubar Spark

Spark is a good example of a subtle, work-appropriate color (golden beige) that is non-holo in most lights but turns beautiful when the sun hits it. I had to swatch this twice yesterday. The first time I swatched it, it was overcast out and I barely got ANY holo anything. Then, right after I finished swatching for the day, the sun came out! GRR! I quickly re-swatched Spark during this time and caught a video of it. Three coats, great application. One of those polishes you could apply half-asleep in the dark. It's more saturated and sparkly than its close cousin, Color Club Love 'Em, Leave 'Em, a light champagne holo with very little holo to speak of.

Video of Spark
Spark was my NOTD yesterday afternoon and dried lightning quick with Diamont. (I did three hours of housework about half an hour after putting it on. I got a couple of bubbles because layered on too much Diamont but besides that, the mani was impeccable the rest of the day.)

Nubar Treasure

Smooth light purple holo. A little sheer at three coats and could've used a fourth. Like Spark, it also has a cousin in the Color Club Wild at Heart collection: Wild at Heart. Except this is the weaker cousin this time: more sheer, less saturated, less in-your-face holo. When not in the sunlight, the color is actually more like a dusty lavender.

Nubar Gem

I think this is my favorite one of the collection. There's something really unexpected about this polish. First of all, it looks like it's a cool champagne-mauve duochrome shimmer base with chunky holo glitter. What is this color? Who knows! It changes with every sort of light: not only is the glitter color not stable, the base color isn't stable either. And I LOVE it. It's so wonderfully weird. But even though it's chunky holo, it's fairly smooth (all these photos are without topcoat). It glitters like crazy no matter what light you're in. Three coats, could've used four.

Video of Gem

And finally, the polish that made me squeal when I saw it in the bottle:

Nubar Prize

A prize indeed! A chunky cherry red holo! This is what I wanted Massini Slammin' Red to be like: I wanted it to be pretty and for it to be red. For those who have followed the blog for awhile -- can you believe it's been only five months? -- you might remember that one of my first posts was Slammin' Red. And slammed it I did: it was a dull bumpy nightmare. Three, four coats of topcoat didn't do a thing to even that sucker out. Nubar Prize, however, was a tad chunky but nowhere near as lumpy as the Massini and it does gorgeous things even in low light. It does need at least one coat of a thickish topcoat because it does dry a bit bumpy but that's normal for this type of glitter. SQUEE! Red holo! It's as true a red as I've seen a holo be (which is to say a teensy tad pink, but nowhere as pink as the other red holos out there).

Video of Prize

That's it for today! Because of the overcast conditions yesterday and my little access to sun, a lot of my photos came out dull. I'm hoping that today will bring sunnier skies and that I can reswatch the second half. Either way, the other four polishes will be reviewed tomorrow! I did my nails in the blue holo, Absolute, last night and I'll have some thoughts on how it wears as an NOTD with the next post. :)

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Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Thanks for swatching these! I can't wait to see them in person!

Aurora's Nails said...

Nubar Prize...I WANT IT! Can't wait to see the others!

Paige said...

Ooo, those are stunning!

FunkyMonkeyNOTaDonkey said...

I was expecting more holo effect in these and it is sort of lacking. I enjoy Prize but am underwhelmed with the rest. They have this weak holo vibe. Thanks for swatching

The Glitterati said...

Holy crap, I must have Gem, and maybe also Prize. It's like a sparkly dance party on your nails.

flinty said...

MinderMustig: LOL, are you going to get the set?

Aurora: Prize is a beauty, even if a bit bumpy. Nothing a good thick topcoat won't solve!

Gildedangel: I'm glad you like them!

FunkyMonkey: I was a bit surprised that the smooth holos weren't stronger because Reclaim was such a pronounced holo.

Glitterati: No kidding. I just stared at my nails for minutes on end with Prize.

polishloving said...

I love prize, its like a more pink toned version of OPI DS Reflection :)

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