Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Top 5 Summer Pedi Colors!

I think pedicures are essential in the summer - and so much fun! I had surgery a few years ago on my right foot to remove a rather large tumour and I have a scar that I'm quite self-conscious about. Over time, I've become less paranoid about people looking at it, but I feel much more confident wearing sandals when I have nicely manicured paws!

Usually I'm quite conservative in my polish choices, but I feel like I can pull off brighter/punchier tones on my feet. Since there are several colours I probably won't be sporting on my hands anytime soon, I thought I'd swatch the top 5 pedicure polishes that I'm really enjoying this season - that way you can check out the colours without having to peek at my tootsies!

Thumb to Pinky:

Essie Bachelorette Bash:
The quintessential hot pink - has more blue tones in it so it's flattering on cool-toned me, and it doesn't border on neon territory. A classic that always works! I know there are several other ladies out there (*cough*Alison*cough*) that swear by this as well.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos:
I've shown you this before as a mani, but I'm loving it on toes. It really does make me feel like I'm in the tropics somewhere, waiting on a Pina Colada and staring off at the ocean! It's a brighter, greener, creme version of Chanel Nouvelle Vague, and I love them together as a mani-pedi combo.

OPI Dazzled by Gold over OPI I Get a Kick Out of Gold:
This is as close to Minx as I can get - sometimes when I glance down I'm not sure if I've had it done or not! I Get a Kick Out of Gold provides a nice smooth gold base, but the colour is a little too pale and green on its own. Adding a thin layer or two of Dazzled by Gold warms up the colour, and gives it an intense shine. Dazzled by Gold often takes many layers to get opaque, and on toes it might be difficult to do, but by layering I can get the look without wasting precious DbG!

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender:
I got this from my mom for my birthday along with Jade is the New Black. I first tried this on my hands and hated it! It was too similar in tone to my skin colour and looked a bit odd...but on my toes I love it - I might even go as far as to say it's my favourite pedi colour! It's a creamy candy coating of the most perfect lilac shade that isn't too bright, but not too pastel - I adore it.

OPI My Chihuahua Bites:
I recently gave this to my mother for Mother's Day (we give each other OPI's true). The story? She walked out of the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" because the most popular film with children 12 an under was too intense and scary - HAHAHA!! She was sure that Diablo (voiced by frakking Edward James Olmos!) was going to eat the little chihuahua - so I got her this so she wouldn't be scared of him any more. I've had it for a while and this hot coral is an amazing pedi colour - and seems to work with almost any mani colour!

What are your favourite pedicure colours? So curious to hear what you're loving this summer!


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Zara said...

The gold is lovely! I might even add the Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me glitter topcoat...too much?

Margo said...

They all look so lovely, especially the gold! @Zara, I would probably do that too haha, never too much bling!!

Stephanie said...

I'm so into neutrals on my toes right now. I was switching between Grunge and Tickle My France-y for the longest time...and those are essentially the same color, haha. Before that it was Essie Marshmallow. I actually just had a pedicure on Sunday and meant to bring American Apparel California Trooper with me...but I forgot. Now I've got OPI Boris & Natasha on and I do like it.

By the way, Dazzled By Gold is one of my favorite ever polishes. Total win. Must try it on toesies.

tasha~ said...

Love them all! I like that Gold one.. I def take more risks on my toes then on my nails; its fun and a lot more wearable.

Spain won :( Booooo!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

American Apparel "Poppy" has been on my toes since July 4th...I have NEVER had a pedi last this top coat, either....great color!


Anonymous said...

your combo of OPI Dazzled by Gold over OPI I Get a Kick Out of Gold is fabulous!

Lolitadewdrop said...

I have got to get my feet... er hands on "Essie Bachelorette Bash"

Ashley said...

Nice choices! I like T&C on my toenails too. :)

kittytokaren said...

@Zara - I'm loving the gold too...and you know what? On toes I say pile it on!

@Ping - Thanks, and great minds think alike!

@Stephanie - My love of neutrals runs deep - I like the on toes as well (Essie Jazz is a fav), but this season I've been going a little crazier! Neutrals always look so elegant.... And DbG is amazing - I feel so lucky to have a bottle!

@tasha - So sad about WK :( It still depresses me :(

@yardsticks4lunatics - That sounds so pretty! And i'm super impressed with the wear time :) Pedis usually last forever on me...

@LisaInFL - It's even better in person!! I am in love with it :)

@Lolitadewdrop - Definitely!! It's a staple for me :)

@Ashley A - T&C is just such a summery, happy colour. I'm glad you like it too!!


maisenzasmalto said...

I love Turquoise and lilac ones. For my pedis I prefer bright colors; now I'm wearing 277 Kiko, a Raspberry glitter, but I like also cremes

Grace said...

Well, I'm one of "those people" who has to have matching mani and pedi, unless MAYBE if I have just a sheer neutral on my tips, I'll put something else on my toes. I know, I know... even Essie, the super-conservative, 50 different shades of sheer pink, polish company is advocating mixing it up this summer, but I just can't do it. I feel like Punky Brewster.

So for both my mani and pedi, I'm loving Essie One of a Kind (similar to OPI My Chihuahua Bits - a bright orange-y coral), and Turquoise and Caicos this summer.

RBL Diddy Mow also became an instant favorite the moment I got my hands on it. Color Club Gossip Column is one of the few polishes from that brand that I own, but I think it's a perfect summer teal.

Sara said...

I LOVE all of those! I've also been wearing OPI's Funky Dunkey, and China Glaze's Flyin High on my toes. I love bright toes! :)

Karina said...

I am giggling right now at the chihuahua story. (!!!)

Thanks for the tips on the gold layering. Nice.

Freshie said...

These are great choices for summer pedis!!

Rebecca said...

I love what you've done to get that gold effect! All these colours will make fabulous pedis!

kittytokaren said...

@SmaALtY - I too love turquoise and lilac - such pretty feminine colours that still pack a punch! Your pedi sounds gorg :)

@Grace - I thought you might be one of *those* people! Nothing wrong with it at all! Sometimes I also match my mani and pedi, and I quite like it. Until recently I was going to the salon to get my pedi, so I couldn't switch up the colour that often because well, I can't afford to go to the salon every couple days! Now that I'm doing my own I switch more :)

@Sara - So glad you like them!! I also love RBL Mismas on my toes, which is a Funky Dunkey dupe! Purple = awesome.

@Karina - Haha omg it was hilarious!! She got so upset she was almost in tears - meanwhile the 5 year old children around her were just fine....

@Freshie - Thanks! I'm enjoying them :)


- said...

I love to wear CND "Cocoa" on my toes at the moment. Otherwise, I love a good retro red (MAC Asiatique) or H&M "Bella's Choice". And of course, a good old black creme.

I adore "Bachelorette Bash". It's my favorite Essie ever. <3

Sandi said...

What doesn't work on my tips goes to live on my toes. So far I've only found one color (ChG's Sugar High) that looks bad on my tootsies and if I ever tanned even that would be fine. I like brights and some jewel tones on my toes.

Dani said...

I'm starting to think that Skittles manis can be a great manicure for everyday. I love Dazzled by Gold and I wish I would have bought it when it was around! I meant to go back, but Ulta is pretty far from where I am now, I don't make as many trips! In fact, I don't have any of these, but no I wish I had them all. They really would make great pedis

kittytokaren said...

@jellynat - Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your blog btw! And you definitely can't beat a good classic red on toes...I like OPI Vodka & Caviar. Bachelorette Bash is a total winner!!! So glad someone else is giving it the love it deserves!

@Sandi - I never thought about it that way, but I guess thats what I do too - the colour I like in the bottle a lot, but don't work on hands go on my toes!

@Danica - Oh goodness I hope you don't think I'm walking around wearing this as a Skittles mani!! I did this just to show off my fav pedi colours. However I do like those ombre manicures....


Denette said...

Oooh what great choices, and I own them all except the golds!! I ♥ Bachelorette Bash and wear it often on tips and toes, but the other three I have only tried as manis. For my next pedi I think I will try one of these colors! Thanks for the great idea!!

Lucy said...

Love all of those shades. They will make gorgeous pedicures. I never thought of layering the golds. Terrific idea! I love wearing all shades of polish. I have worn polish on my toes in years. Guess I'd better get polishing.

Alison said...

hehe! I do love my Essies! I never noticed how much Bacherlorette bash looks like Chanel Riviera, I will have to do a comparison! All those colours are gorgeous, I love hot pinks for my summer tootsies.

Jen said...

I think it is so cute that you swatched your fave pedi colors on your fingernails! The colors are so vibrant and fun~ love them all! :D

Arrianne said...

I'm the same as Sandi. Whatever doesn't work on my fingers like painful-to-remove glitters, too bright brights and most pinks (I'm not a huge fan) go on my toes. I love your choices! The all look so pretty together. I'm jealous of your DbG though.

Geo58 said...

Hey k2k-

I have been off the web for quite some time and I am back. Love all those pedicure shades, even the Essie Bachelorette Bash and OPI My Chihuahua Bites, which wearing red and pink tones is unusual for me however the way the polish looks so gorgeous on your fingernails, it's so tempting, LOL

Loving that OPI gold colors dazzled by and kicked out by gold. Would I dare wear that double color gold on my toes? Hmmm? Something to think about...why not?
Mc Huggs :)

beachgal said...

Looking at this years later I realize now that Chihuahua is really close to the new OPI Holland - 'Hauge" orange from spring 2012! I have to get my 2 bottles together and do a side by side - they might even be complete dupes - or maybe Chihuahua has a tish more red in it. Either way - love both of them.

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