Friday, August 6, 2010

Some cheap creme thrills: Jordana Rich Green, ELF Smoky Brown, and KleanColor Brown

This morning will be dedicated to proof-reading a manuscript that my advisor has co-authored with another (former) graduate student. I'm always so flattered when she wants me to do things writing-related for her because she thinks I write well. Thank goodness I'm good for something. :)

I was less than "thrilled" with these but they were still pretty good for being $3 and under.

Jordana Rich Green
Grass green creme. Three coats. Awesome color but I didn't like the formula much.

ELF Smoky Brown
Dark taupe. Or somewhere between greyed-out purple and greyed-out brown. Brush wasn't a broom, surprisingly. These polishes separate like crazy and you gotta shake them up real good before using. Three coats.

KleanColor Brown
Two coats. In which universe is this considered "brown"? The photo does make it a touch brighter orange than it appears in real life BUT it's just a duller orange in person. Pretty nice polish though: two coats. But this was just a swatch and according to Piff, these polishes never dry...

I'm doing a new incentive program to get my ass in shape again. My weight has been a bitch for most of my life -- on again, off again, on again, off again -- and being in an on-again stage is a serious drag on my life right now. It wasn't a drag the last time but it is this time. So this is my plan: for every day that I exercise in one month, I get to haul one polish in the next month. But the value of the polish dependent on the amount of time I spend exercising:
  • 90 minutes or over = a polish that costs over $14
  • 60-89 minutes = a polish that costs up to $14
  • 45-59 minutes = a polish that costs up to $8
  • 30-44 minutes = a polish that costs up to $4
  • Under 30 minutes = a polish that costs up to $2
And no roll-over polishes: if I don't buy one month, I can't save it up for a big haul next month.

So far this month: Aug 1st (60m bike ride), 2nd (45m cardio+strength), 3rd (60m cardio+strength), 4th (45m yoga), 5th (15m run). In September, I'm going to reward myself with two fall Essies, two holiday Orlys and maybe a Confetti polish. ;)

The funny thing is that when I'm in "work out mode" I work out nearly every single day -- a regimen I kept up for almost 3 years at one point. (Which is why I put price limits on the polishes I'd buy! Otherwise, I will definitely be broke.) About one workout a week goes over an hour. Two workouts hit at about an hour. The other four days usually oscillate between 15-45 minutes, depending on how tired/busy I am. Some weeks, all four days are 20-25 minute cardio sessions; some weeks, half of those days are 45m cardio+strength. I rarely have a week where I push my body further: it's not productive to not have some recovery. Many people suggest that you take a day off a week to recover: I personally think it's just as restorative to be on a recumbent bike playing Scrabble or Carcassonne on my iPad for 20 minutes once or twice a week.

I used to reward myself with massages: "if I work out for 21 days straight, I get a massage" type of deal. But my yoga place has a deal where for $65 a month, you get as many professional hour-long massages as you can schedule in (which comes out to 2-3 massages a month). So nail polishes it is.

Yes, I'm crazy. Why do you ask?

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Simple Beauty said...

That Green Is Super Hot!

myclumsyheart said...

I LOVE your workout incentive program you set up for yourself! That would definitely motivate me to keep working out! I wouldn't have enough money in my budget to handle all the exercising I'd do. I hope you do!

Theallamenta said...

I should copy your "workout-shopping list", it could be the only way to make me move! :)

I have the ELF, too, but I don't like the formula, it's so hard to apply!

Aurora's Nails said...

Those are pretty, but that is definitely not brown haha. I had a similar workout/diet plan, but I have definitely veered off that path haha.

Lucy said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan. I have a few Jordana polishes. Love the shades they have but I agree with you on the formula. I wouldn't call that polish brown. More like a burnt orange. I've never tried ELF polishes. Look forward to your exercise polishes.

Margo said...

I think I had a deep purple polish by Jordana, but the formula was whatever. Loving that green though! Elf polishes are a bit hit or miss for me. They do have some really great ones, but some others are totally sheer. And haha, that is totally not brown.

That's such a good exercise plan! Good luck!!

Jane said...

Your rewards plan for your workouts is a great idea. I always find that I work out more consistently if I promise myself some kind of reward or prize for doing so. However, I like to reward myself with food, which is a whole 'nother can of worms!

flinty said...

@simple beauty: thanks!

@myclumsyheart: The frightening thing is that for most months of the past 1.5 years, I've bought more than 30, 31 nail polishes a month. This is a way to rein in that crazy spending behavior!!

@theallamenta: I'd be happy to start a workout-shopping support group... :)

@aurora: When I set my mind on a workout plan, I generally stick to it. As I said to myclumsyheart, this is as much to control my nail polish spending as it is to get myself to the gym...! ;) I'm more worried about buying more nail polish than I'm "allowed to" than I am working out enough.

@lucy: ELF is very uneven. Personally, I don't buy any unless they were having free shipping or some sort of sale.

@ping: Yeah, I know a lot of people like Jordana (and Milani, which is owned by the same company) but I'm kind of ehhh on the formula.

@jane: I've stopped caring about food as much. Or rather, stopped treating it as punishment or reward. I eat what I want when I want it: I just try to pay closer attention to what I'm actually hungry for and when I'm actually full. I've had times in my life when I've really restricted my eating or binged like mad -- I just want out of that unhealthy relationship with food. And I want to enjoy food. (Speaking of which, I have not had breakfast and I'm hungry...)

polish4pennies said...

I do the same thing! But as a college student I'm on a somewhat limited budget, so I make it that for every day I exercise in a month, I can spend a dollar on nail polish. So far August has earned me 5 bucks!

Sandi said...

LOL, I use the carrot system on myself all the time in various ways but have never thought of this one. Hmmmmmmmmmm, must ponder.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Even though you don't seem fond of the elf, I love that color.

Your plan for workout rewards is well-thought out. Will you keep us abreast of your progress on your blog?

Erin said...

I'm trying to lose some weight too. I LOVE your reward program for yourself and I will try to steal it, but maybe just with shopping in general, not just nail polish :-). it sounds like wonderful motivation. Good luck! You have a new follower btw!!

flinty said...

@amethyst: a dollar a day sounds like a much more practical plan than mine. :)

@Sandi: hahaha. Let me know if you decide to join in on the nail polish incentivizing fun!

@kimberly: I like the color for the ELF a lot too --- the application was just a pain. I think I will keep a small line at the bottom of my blog entries to keep track of my exercise. It'll keep me honest. :)

@Erin: welcome to the blog! Feel free to steal and tailor my exercise plan. Whatever gets us moving has gotta be good, right? :D

Sara said...

I think I should use your workout thing also! Great idea for people like me who aren't motivated to go to the gym! haha :)

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