Friday, August 20, 2010

TiNS Something Blue

Those familiar with the Asian brand TiNS are generally better acquainted with the glitterbombs that are their glittery nail polishes. I recently tried out a few of their non-glitter polishes and have found them very satisfying. I just wish these were easier to get ahold of in the US! And cheaper.

TiNS Something Blue

This is the coolest light blue frost ever. It's almost icy cold in appearance. But it flashes magenta! Usually, a flash becomes obvious when it's in sunlight. Not so with this polish: I swear, it flashes magenta more when it's in the shade. It looks kinda eerie: an icy blue with this floating aura of pink. It applied so smoothly and was opaque in two coats. My only complaint is that it's brushstroke city. But it doesn't really detract from the look of the polish, imo.

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Unknown said...

This is very cool! Love the flash!

I definitely have to find some of these!

Emy♥♥ said...


Lucy said...

Who cares about brush strokes! This polish is fantastic. I've never seen one with a magenta flash like that. Why aren't they available here?

flinty said...

@jackie s: if you find a place, let me know! I really need a good source for these.

@emy: thanks :)

@lucy: I don't know! I wonder that myself, regularly!!

Arrianne said...

It is so eerie! It reminds me of standing out in a field of snow, when everything around is silent, but there's a little bit of sun shining on the snow. Beautiful, I wants!

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