Saturday, September 25, 2010

Color Club Tangerine Scream & Volt of Light... I am in denial that summer is over!

A couple of polishes from Color Club's awesome ElectroCandy collection from a couple of years ago. It's an amazing collection of neons that have contrasting color shimmer. I found mine at Ross for $8.

Color Club Tangerine Scream
Take that, autumn! I defy you with three coats of neon orange with ridiculously bright shimmer!

Yeah, okay, I'll go do my homework now. Boo. Maybe one more swatch?

Color Club Volt of Light
Neon yellow with teal shimmer. This one is one of my favorite colors ever... except that this is five coats, possibly six. And is that VNL I see?! Still, it went on so thinly and smoothly that it wasn't painful at all to do all those layers, just a tad time consuming. Didn't take forever to dry either, surprisingly with all those layers! I wish I had gotten a shot of this outside rather than just in the lightbox.

OK, now I'll really go do my homework. It's my last quarter EVER with homework! After how many years of schooling? (13 K-12 + 4 college + 1 master's + 2 PhD = 20 years worth of homework... plus many summers worth of academic camps.)

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tasha~ said...

Eeeep multiply that by days ! I spent my entire life in school too *sniff sniff* Just 3 more years!

I am in total denial about summer ending too! One day I will put dark polish on, and the next i take out bright pinks or turquoises! Haha

Love that orange btw ;)

JQ said...

I wonder if I got this polish I could get away with a white coat underneath and less coats of the pretty colours? Have you ever done this? I really dig the brights.

OMG that's a lot of school. But sometimes I miss college so much I even miss homework and essays. I could totally go back.

Aurora's Nails said...

Oh goodness congrats on your last quarter of hw! I personally love Volt of Light...just soo bright and fun! Glad it's not streaky!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that yellow is like my highlighter.
Love the blog by the way, I never knew there were blogs dedicated to nail polish!

KarenD said...

I really should get some more Color Club. Volt of Light is really interesting.

Gwendolyn said...

ha ha I just blogged these same two colors 2 days ago, they really are great aren't they.. The shimmers give them so much depth past normal neons..
Love them..

flinty said...

@tasha: I try not to think about it in terms of days... or even weeks... or months. Yikes, it's a lot of schooling.

@JQ: I've tried it before and it never looks good on me. I think I have to find a really good white to layer with. I don't miss homework... and I kind of have to write essays for a living now... but I do miss college. I miss the freedom, relative lack of responsibility, and all of my friends still.

@aurora: thanks!

@isstrangelyme: it is exactly highlighter yellow... with shimmer, lol. And welcome to the world of nail polish blogging. By my count, there are over 300 nail blogs...

@karend: it's a great polish, if a bit sheer!

@ilectra: I totally agree. The shimmer really makes the polish!

Lucy said...

I love the Fall but I hate when we have gloomy days. I don't blame you for wanting to keep Summer going! Those are two great bright polishes to keep the Fall away.

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